Progesterone versus Lovenox

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Progesterone versus Lovenox

Postby rwpokluda » Mon Mar 27, 639256 7:27 am

I was on progesterone my last pregnancy. I have PCOS and miscarried twice around 8 weeks the first two pregnancies due to my PCOS. My body sees the pregnancies as foreign objects and tries to shed the lining in order to get rid of the pregnancy. Normal women begin to make progesterone at the start of their pregnancy. My body does not. The progesterone tells your body not to release the lining and to not have a cycle. It is very important to have enough progesterone in your system bc if you do not you will most likely have a miscarriage bc there is nothing there to tell your body not to release and have a cycle. By taking progesterone it keeps your lining intact and thick so the pregnancy keeps. You normally stay on it till 12 weeks and at that point your body takes over. There are different ways to take it. You can take shots, vaginal supositories, a cream (wasn't offered to me) or lozenges. The lonzenges are like little wax pills that you stick in your cheek and have to let desolve on their own into your gums. I had to take mine twice a day. Next time I am doing the suppostories. Easier and just put in at night when you go to bed. We are trying to get pregnant now and I will be on progesterone again with this next pregnany.
Check out the link below. It is a good site that explains the point of progesterone. Hope that helps. ... mones2.htm
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Re: Progesterone versus Lovenox

Postby riehlism » Sun Feb 20, 639256 8:11 pm

I was actually on progesterone the first few weeks prior to getting pregnant and after finding out I was pregnant since my levels were so low. The thought is that low progesterone around fertilization does not allow for a normally thickened lining around the uterus. This may mean shallower implantation, which is one of the pathophysiological theories about preeclampsia. And then of course, poor progesterone production in early pregnancy can cause a miscarriage. But that seems to be a separate story.

Lovenox and baby aspirin are prophyllactic meds to help prevents clots, and to help with umbilical artery development. An article published last year showed that taking baby aspirin prior to 14 weeks was helpful in reducing preeclampsia risk. After 14 weeks showed a decreased in the benefit of baby aspirin. Between 14 and 16 weeks is when the umbilical blood vessels should be fully developed. An explanation for that was the blood thinners allowed greater ease in the development of the arteries. That means the placenta won't get angry and send off hormones to raise mom's blood pressure so it can get more nutrients. The article discussed only baby aspirin and not Lovenox. Although I believe the clinical reasoning for using Lovenox is the same.

In any case, I will be 28 weeks on Wednesday. I was on progesterone prior to being pregnant and stayed on while pregnant (and I really think that saved this pregnancy from a miscarriage), I have been on baby aspirin while TTC, Lovenox at 13 weeks, and extra folic acid. I am not on BP meds and I do not have any protein in my dipstick or 24 hour catches. My BPs are stable at 100s/60s. Aside from the new dx of Gestational Diabetes, which is only borderline, this one seems to be shaping up like a relatively normal pregnancy. **Fingers Crossed**
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Re: Progesterone versus Lovenox

Postby cmccaffrey » Sat Feb 19, 639256 10:37 am

Not exactly the answer your looking for, but there was some discussion on this back in January when one of our members saw a clinical trial of this being done. ... 12&t=41641

I get the impression that there has not been very much research on it yet.
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Progesterone versus Lovenox

Postby claricemaala » Sat Feb 19, 639256 9:52 am

So I have seen my high risk OB at 8 weeks. I will be back at 12 weeks for nuchal checking.
She made me do 24 hr urine to check protein in my urine at baseline (before pregnancy). Well I did not know that I was already at least 2 wks preggo at that time. I had 150 protein my urine. She said that it was okay. That made me panick though. I know there should be NO PROTEIN in urine at all. I had renal sonogram to check my renal arteries. This is to see if my preeclampsia has any connection to any possible kidney problems.

Also mentioned to her that I am starting to have numbness to my hands occassionally. I experienced this on my last pregnancy just prior to diagnoses of preeclampsia. She said I may just have some magnesium deficiency. I am watching my legs like a hawk for any swelling and watching my pressure.

I am currently on Labetolol 100mg 2x/day. Methyldopa 250 mg 2x/day, Lovaza twic daily, Baby Aspirin, Calcium, Folic acid.
She is currentky contemplating of putting me on progesterone due to my history of abruptio placenta on my first pregnancy. She says that she will assuming that I had ?abruptio placenta on my second pregnnacy. Though there was no official report of this. I am still not planning to drop Lovenox injection as a possibility.

I am wondering if anybody had been placed on progesterone treatment while pregnant and had successful pregnancy? I know progesterone is being given to women with premature delivery/miscarriage. How does it work in preeclampsia?
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