NST and hospital visit

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Re : NST and hospital visit

Postby angelkat » Sat Jul 10, 2004 03:46 pm

I think we all are going thru the same things with the NST and BPP's. I started mine at 27 weeks and the techs had a fit saying "well, we don't start these until your 28 weeks and your going to fail them anyway until the baby is older". OK I'm there to waste my time then LOL... Of course, I failed that one spent 4 hours in OB Triage having another NST and BPP done. I failed a bunch of them but the last two weeks I have passed. The tech said well it's boarderline and the doc says there fine.

I keep telling them they need to come over my house at 3 am when Casey is WIDE awake kicking and carring on like a mad man. Like that would ever happen.....

Sometimes, (I know i'm bad) when I don't feel alot of movement I just give a little push on the tummy and he moves and gets mad. Yes, he does get me back for moving him but it makes me feel TONS better.....

Sending all of us HUGS and hurry up and get here (36-40 weeks) vibes!!!!

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Re : NST and hospital visit

Postby twolfgram » Sat Jul 10, 2004 02:42 pm


I can totally relate - most of the time I fail my NST's, too, but the BPP's look great. My clinic told me the same thing about the time frame (I am 31 weeks today). The way it goes with me is that I have a BPP every week, then NST's on Fridays. If those are not reactive, then I get another BPP. I think, if the NST is reactive, then they're pretty sure the baby's doing fine, but if it's not reactive, then she's probably still ok, but they want to do the BPP to be sure. If they're both bad, that's not good. I had to go to L&D a week ago because I wasn't feeling much movement. The NST at the hospital was "reassuring," but not reactive, so I had to go in to the clinic the next day. They did a BPP and I got a score of 6/10, which is borderline. If I'd gotten 4/10, I'd have been admitted. Being Friday, we had to come back to the clinic two hours later for another BPP and scored 8/10 that time. This week he scored 10/10 on the BPP Tuesday and passed the NST yesterday with flying colors. Now, today, he doesn't seem to be moving as much, but it may be all in my head, I want him to move all the time!! It is frustrating, and scary, but just remember, it's for the best. HTH

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Re : NST and hospital visit

Postby alimarie » Sat Jul 10, 2004 01:17 pm


that does sound frustrating! i don't know the answers but i wonder what they had to say about it all.......if you didn't have a chancce to ask them i would definitely do so next week! let us know what you find out.

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NST and hospital visit

Postby suzanne » Sat Jul 10, 2004 12:14 am

Well, I am really starting to hate NSTs! I had an appt. yesterday (33 weeks exactly) and they did the NST first. It took FOREVER once again (same as last week) to find a heartbeat. They think it's because the placenta is in front. When they finally did, the poor nurse had to hold the monitor in place the whole time or the signal got lost. And once again, the test was considered failed, non-responsive, the heartrate stayed steady although little Laurel was moving like crazy. When they examined me, my BP was 140/80 and there was +1 protein in my urine. My feet had swelled a bit for the FIRST TIME (they swelled like crazy much earlier even with my second "normal" pregnancy!). Because it was Friday afternoon, the dr. said she didn't feel good about me going all weekend without an US. So she sent me to the hospital.

The hospital visit was quick! They did another NST which once again was non-responsive. But the BSS ultrasound was fine (plenty of fluid, baby making breathing motions, etc) and the dr. there said that often NST are non-responsive before 34 weeks. They sent me home after about an hour. My BP THERE was 106/60!

Now I am wondering---what is the point of all these NST if I fail them but it seems to not mean much? I failed last weeks also. They are SO frustrating for me, as it's so hard to find the heartbeat and I am scared to move for such a long time. Of course it's all worth it if they mean anything, but I am starting to wonder! Oh, well, just venting---hope you all have a great weekend!

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