Chronic hypertensives: which bp meds?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Chronic hypertensives: which bp meds?

Postby frogibe » Mon Jun 19, 639234 12:32 pm

I am currently 7.5 weeks pregnant and taking 100mg once daily of Labatelol. I think it works ok now my BP runs around on average 120/60, it I am lucky lower sometimes. I know they mentioned the possibility of uping the dosage as I get further along as needed.
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Re: Chronic hypertensives: which bp meds?

Postby christina89 » Thu Jun 08, 639234 12:28 pm

Awh, my first post didnt work. Lets try this again. I am cronic and currantly 5 weeks pregnant and taking Labatolol 50mg 2 times a day. it's working well for me and I really hope it stays that way for at least another 30 weeks :) Any how because I have no underlying conditions other than the BP, my dr. thinks theres a chance it's a good thing we got it under control and stuff I sure hope so, I have a question about BP monitors. I am now doing at home. im pretty new to this and the first time I always get a little bit of a high number not terribly but if I try again it always goes down to a comfortable number. Do I go by this number? or the first one? Also if I test it in certian ways of holding my arm. like lying doen with my are by my side or straight up or me sitting on a chair with my arm level with my shoulder or sitting on a chair with my arm just hanging there. lol I have had some time on my hands lol. BUt should I go by the lowest number i can get or is there a better way lol, please help.

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Re: Chronic hypertensives: which bp meds?

Postby celticepona » Thu Jun 08, 639234 3:20 am

Im on Aldomet 500mg x3 a day. That seems to work for me now.When Im not preggers I am on aldomet.
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Chronic hypertensives: which bp meds?

Postby carlisle980 » Mon Apr 10, 639234 9:48 pm

Interested in which bp meds my fellow chronics take. I started out on Aldomet 250 pre-children. I believe that remained my dosage throughout pregnancy w/DD. Had some hairy BP's after her birth and labetalol was added, but dropped after just a few days (because it gave me unbearable headaches) in favor of Procardia XL 30.

Can't remember exactly when, but at some point Procardia XL was increased to 60 mg. Discontinued Aldomet after a while because it was no longer needed. Pregnant with DS, I took Procardia XL 60 and added Aldomet 500 at some point. In week 35 my BP spiked and Procardia was increased to 90 mg.

Currently taking Procardia XL 90, which results in BP's of 115-125/65-85. Lying on my left side, BP is usually 89-105/55-65. BP's in the doctor's office are another story entirely . . . usually 140's/90's because I have serious white-coat issues. But I keep a log of my BP's several times/week at home and have them put a photocopy in my chart at each visit to prove that my BP is much lower when I'm not under duress!
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