when to have C-section

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Re: when to have C-section

Postby laura » Tue Sep 10, 638948 9:25 pm

BAH! I hated trying to plan out my next delivery... and what ended up happening was that for whatever reason, the baby ended up solving the problem themselves- the pregnancy would progress as far as my body would handle and then poop out. For that reason, all the time I spent fretting over when and how I'd deliver were all for naught.

My gut tells me that the docs tell you things like that so you don't expect to get a date set at a particular time. Even when they make pronouncements like that, most of the time when you get near the finish line, they have no clue what they said way back yonder and respond to the immediate situation.

I think they also keep it in the back of their minds that sizing/dates could be wrong, and they want to avoid the liability of delivering a premature baby if there aren't really clear indicators that the baby would be better off outside than in. hope that helps ease your mind... it is awful trying to plan that next baby out, when it went so haywire the first time around!
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when to have C-section

Postby jenmatt1 » Mon Sep 09, 638948 11:12 pm

When I first discussed issues with my main OB, she seemed to think we would deliver around 37-38 weeks- sooner if needed. But the last few docs in the OB practice I go to, seem to want to wait until 39 weeks. The last doctor actually told me last week that they would not deliver unless absolutely necessary, especially by c-section until 39 weeks. My next appt is with my main doc again and I am going to bring it back up.

I had a 8 lb 8 ounce baby at 34 1/2 weeks. This baby at 29 weeks, 6 days was already measuring 4 lbs 6 ounces. So baby's size does not seem to be any concern. So I am wondering why they would want to push me to 39 weeks. Honestly, I would rather go at 37/38 than take chance of HELLP again. I am due 1/11/2011 so a first I was thinking that no one wanted to schedule my c-section for x-mas week or week between x-mas and new years. But after last doc appointment I think they just do not want to do it unless medical emergency before 39 weeks

Anyone else run into this?
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