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Re : RPD (Renal Pelvic Dialation) Question??

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 638939 6:35 pm
by naomihope427
okay, thank you very much, for responding! my appt isnt until AUg 31st again to check on it, so i am hoping it lessened!

Re : RPD (Renal Pelvic Dialation) Question??

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 638939 4:00 pm
by tracym
My dd had this noted at the 18wk scan. They scheduled for a repeat at 32 weeks, but everything went haywire long before then, and it wasn't an issue in later scans. I had them biweekly and I can't remember when it had gone but it was before deilvery at 33 weeks.

If it doesn't resolve prior to delivery, antibiotic therapy is just to prevent infections, it won't solve the problem. It will either resolve on it's own or need surgery.

Re : RPD (Renal Pelvic Dialation) Question??

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 638939 12:35 am
by sonja
I don't have experience with this, but I am so sorry that you are having to deal with it. One thing that I learned during my pregnancies was that I needed to really listen to my doctors - they were good at letting you know when things weren't that big of a deal - what seems so scary to us can be so common to them. Not that you won't worry, you are a mom, you will always worry, but try to not spend too much time on the internet, it will just worry you more! Take care.

RPD (Renal Pelvic Dialation) Question??

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 638939 8:26 pm
by naomihope427
Everything (so far) has been going pretty well, have been feeling pretty good (yet that is a scary part too, I am wary of feeling good and feeling "off").

I am 29 weeks & 2 days. What has been bothering me a bit is since my last 2 MFM appointments, fluid was found in my babys kidneys, in both of them. My doctor said its a very common abnormality that they see, usually goes away during pregnancy or after birth, may need antibiotics & possible surgery to correct it. Scares me a bit.

I went last week to the mfm doctor, and it is still there, tech measured it about a 9 but doctor came in and measured it at an 8 (said it went down), But is still prominent he says so until it is gone i will still be seeing him as well.

Do any of you have any experience with this or can tell me more about it? I have read some on it, and other experiences that some does go away or some has needed antibitics to fix issue, it just worries me. Thank you!! (other than that, my little girl is doing great & is growing & growing,!)