Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Decisions

Postby sonja » Tue Aug 11, 638933 1:12 pm

I think that you have made a good decision with your doctors. It is not like you are saying that this is what I am going to do and there is no changing my mind, but right now things are going well and you are going with the flow - if anything comes up you will go right to plan B or C. If you need reassurance about how things are going go ahead and see if you can be seen by your OB.

Take care.

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Postby 4evermyangel » Tue Aug 11, 638933 10:30 am

This is really hard for me to believe, but as of Friday I will have made it to 38 weeks!

I go in for twice weekly NST's and weekly appts with the MFM. Last Thursday my blood pressure was 130/100 which got me a 4 hour stay in L&D being monitored and all the blood work being ran.

My blood pressure came down to the 130's/90's and all blood work came back ok. The only thing that was a little concerning was my platlet count was at 130 and they said that they don't get concerned with that until it is down to 100. I felt fine, baby's movement has been normal and I know all the signs and symptoms to watch for. So after a long discussion with MFM we decided that the fear the possibility of PE was not enough of a reason to deliver right away, as long as I was comfortable with that decision.

That night I was fine with the decision, but ever since then I've been doubting it. I am going to try for a VBAC so I can not be induced. The dr's feel it is much better for mom and the baby as long as PE doesn't rear its ugly head.

Then I sit and think of how quickly things went bad last time. I feel good now and baby is healthy maybe the best thing to do would be do the repeat C-Section and not take any chances. It will be easier to recover from a section if I am healthy than if I develope PE. I also have to think about everything the my husband went through last time. I don't want him to worry about whether or not we are going to make it and all the choices he thought he was going to have to make last time.

We do trust our dr.'s and feel that they are the reason that we have made it this far, but I think once you loose a child you question every decision you make. I know that in the end this is a decision and a balancing act that us and our doctors have to make and decide what is best. If you've read this far thanks for listening. I just need the support of those who have been or are there and truly understand.

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