When were you put on Bedrest?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby wrennie » Mon Feb 23, 638629 11:11 pm

28 weeks bedrest at home, at 29 weeks I was in the hospital until delivery at 37weeks, 6 day! It def. helped me, I really believe that! good luck to you!

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby amanda » Mon Feb 23, 638629 2:48 pm

I went directly to hospital bedrest at 28 weeks and made it until 33 (almost 34 weeks) all in the hospital.

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby patty » Mon Feb 23, 638629 12:53 pm

They told me to go on bedrest with Seth at about 32 weeks but I didn't really listen because I was young and dumb. They never really told me too with Brooks and Sylvia but instead to "limit my activity" which really wasn't possible with younger children at home all day. I got stuck on hospital bedrest at 31 weeks with Raleigh and 27 weeks with Randall.

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby lilliputianmama » Mon Feb 23, 638629 12:15 pm

Just when I went into the hospital. With DD#1 - 1 day before delivery, with DD#2 - 2-3 days before delivery.

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby hannahsmom » Mon Feb 23, 638629 10:27 am

First pregnancy I was put on hospital bedrest 3 days before delivery at 26 weeks. This pregnancy, I was taken out of work and allowed to work from home on bedrest when I was 19 weeks due to high bp's. I was put on complete bedrest and had to quit working at 26 weeks because my blood pressure was out of control. Then we had the hospital fiasco at 29 weeks with uncontrollable bp's and I was on hospital bedrest for 8 days. I am now 32 weeks and am on bedrest at home.

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby kbunsey » Mon Feb 23, 638629 4:38 am

I started keeping my bp log as a Google Document so I could input #s from anywhere, at anytime. My doctor can also view the log online. That's been very helpful for when I feel nervous.

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby jenniferf » Mon Feb 23, 638629 1:52 am

I was on bed rest the second time at 27 weeks because my platlets started to drop. Thankfully they never got any lower. My MFM thought it wasn't completely necessary, but my OB was insistant on it. She hates my job-I'm on my feet all day too. I also brought my BP monitor to work. They always wanted to see what my pressures were like at work. I did lots of reading and registered online.

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby lukesmom06 » Sun Feb 22, 638629 5:15 pm

From weeks 6-12complete bedrest and then 16 weeks to 31 weeks..starting out modified and ending with complete for the last 5 weeks...21 weeks total

read lots of books!!

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby amandamm » Sun Feb 22, 638629 3:12 pm

Hospital bedrest at 33w6d, had her at 34w6d. Nothing yet this time, I am 32 weeks today, just trying to get everything ready in the next week or two "just in case"

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Re : When were you put on Bedrest?

Postby julieb » Sun Feb 22, 638629 2:28 pm

I went on bedrest at 22w6d with Mason but my BP had been out of control for a week at that point so I probably should have been on bedrest a week earlier, of course I didn't know that then!

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