July Check-In!

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : July Check-In!

Postby amandamm » Tue Nov 23, 638619 10:23 pm

I thought I did this... but I guess not!

How many weeks? 20 today!

Boy, girl, don't know? Girl

How's the bp? Good, I think it is a tad high, but it has been stable the whole time

How's the pregnancy going? Good, thank goodness!

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? Nothing really

What do you crave? It changes, for a couple weeks it was baked potatoes... nothing really right now. Pringles maybe?

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby neslo » Tue Nov 23, 638619 2:56 am

How many weeks? 21 weeks tomorrow

Boy, girl, don't know? Boy :)

How's the bp? - doing GREAT on 200mg labetelol 2x day!!! Lower than it ever has been...

How's the pregnancy going? Actually it's going better than I ever would have expected. Thank you lovenox!!!

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? It kind of depends on the day - I normally love tomatos in the summer - but I haven't been able to eat many of them this summer.

What do you crave? - PIZZA!!! I could eat it for every meal lately... My family is sick of me suggesting it.

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby shierman » Sun Oct 31, 638619 6:12 pm

How many weeks? 27+2

Boy, girl, don't know? Don't know, but can't wait to find out!

How's the bp? Holding steady with Labetalol in the 120's over 80's range.

How's the pregnancy going? Aside from a scare last week, not too bad- just a little uncomfortable and swollen.

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? Depends on the week- it seems to change all the time. Right now I don't want to eat (but normally LOVE) hummus.

What do you crave? Summer fruit (watermelon especially) and orange sherbet.

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby elizabethb » Sun Oct 31, 638619 6:03 pm

How many weeks? 26

Boy, girl, don't know? Boy

How's the bp? low!!

How's the pregnancy going? Really well though a bit hot and cranky.

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? no aversions

What do you crave? cake

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby ud0r1234 » Sun Oct 31, 638619 10:16 am

How many weeks? 36 wks this week!!

Boy, girl, don't know? girl :)

How's the bp? it's behaving 125-30/74-80, no meds

How's the pregnancy going? Okay, the heat and feet swelling are starting to get to me. So far no official signs of pre-e :)

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? anything with red peppers, fish, really salty foods

What do you crave? cookie dough ice cream :)

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby hannahsmom » Tue Sep 14, 638619 4:01 pm

How many weeks? 19.5

Boy, girl, don't know? Boy

How's the bp? up and down

How's the pregnancy going? not perfect, but okay so far

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? There still aren't many things that I can eat - everything makes me want to throw up!

What do you crave? Sour stuff

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby mikeys mom » Tue Sep 14, 638619 9:20 am

Does anybody else notice there is only 1 girl and a ton of boys going to make their entrance into the world this year :)

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby joannek » Sat Sep 04, 638619 11:20 am

How many weeks? 19 tomorrow

Boy, girl, don't know? Don't know yet

How's the bp? OK. I'm on 200 mg Labetalol a day. in the 120's/60's best ever!

How's the pregnancy going? First trimester was worse then before, but I'm over all that now. Had a slightly abnormal result on my quad screen, and a high-ish 24 hr protein at 11 weeks, but it's back down now.

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? All my food weirdness is over with now :)

What do you crave? Nothing in particular

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby mother bear » Sat Sep 04, 638619 5:23 am

How many weeks? 13

Boy, girl, don't know? Won't know until September

How's the bp? 105/67. Where's my second trimester dip already?

How's the pregnancy going? So far, I've puked more in the 13th week than in the entire first three months combined. But other than that, great!

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? All dairy products, all candy products (including chocolate), my calcium supplement (any of them, and I'm aware of all of the options), most green vegetables especially if leafy, fruit in the morning. It's a miracle that I've gained any weight without any ice cream.

What do you crave? Crave? People crave stuff? I only have foods that don't turn my stomach on sight and those that do.

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Re : July Check-In!

Postby kotokage » Fri Sep 03, 638619 9:47 pm

How many weeks? 35 today, hooray!

Boy, girl? Boy

How's the BP? 130/80s on my left side anything up to 170s/110s if I'm up for long.

How's the pregnancy going? Not my best. Lots of contractions since 22 weeks, but not dilating past 1cm. Blood pressure climbing but labs still ok.

What can you not tolerate eating (aversions)? everything is ok now, but I had lots at the beginning

What do you crave? ice cream sundaes! yum!

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