Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby amanda » Thu Jul 08, 638619 4:54 pm

Kristin -
(((Hugs))) I hope you are feeling better today.
I do agree with Amy though please don't hesitate to go to L&D if there is anything you feel is amiss- you never know, the doc on call might just have a differing opinion.

I too hope to hear of a baby story - soon!

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby kteacher » Thu Jul 08, 638619 3:36 am

so sorry...if you feel bad go to l& with your gut instinct. did you tell your dr. that you live in a house with an air conditioner that you don't live in a shack outside in the heat and humidity? hope to hear a baby story soon from you.

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby coachswife14 » Sun Jun 27, 638619 6:40 am

Thanks everyone. I just feel so down. I am doing everything I'm supposed to be doing....yet was made to feel like my "feeling bad" was only because I've "never been this pregnant before" and don't know what it's like. Wow. I can't believe she even implied that I'm simply complaining about being "this pregnant." It's almost insulting.

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby trish » Sun Jun 27, 638619 12:00 am

I'm so sorry to hear you are still waiting, wondering & worried. :( Keep taking it easy & watching those BP's. Hang in there mama. (((HUGS)))

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby sheri-ct » Sat Jun 26, 638619 9:16 pm

Did the OB realize how high your BP was at first? Why didn't she send you to L&D??? I was sent to L&D so many times last pregnancy b/c of high bp. Can you call your OB on Monday? Those pressures are REALLY high. How bad is your headache? I was told that a bad headache makes you severe. The nurses at L&D yelled at me for waiting until the morning to come in when I had THE headache (I didn't know it was a bad thing).


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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby hannahsmom » Sat Jun 26, 638619 3:50 pm

OMG! You are considered full-term, so what is the big deal about delivering you earlier than planned? If you continue to feel bad, I would go to L&D and stay until something is done. I am so sorry. Listen to your body and don't take any chances. Take Care -

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby kotokage » Sat Jun 26, 638619 9:43 am

I really feel for you. I hear the exact same thing about my sitting bps...last time my doctor said that we should really just take it laying down after laying for ten minutes but that she doesn't do that with most pregnant ladies becuase they are uncomfortable laying down. That seems like it can't possibly be true. Maybe one of the more experienced ladies can explain why it is that these docs don't care about the one pressure they routinely take!
I would be scared to death if I were you, too. Take yourself seriously even if they won't and the second your blood pressure is high laying down, get yourself off to labor and delivery!
I hope hope hope your regular doc will listen to your concerns. If doctors are willing to give some ladies c-sections because they're scared of vaginal delivery, why shouldn't they be willing to reschedule your surgery because you're scared (justifiably) of complications.

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby susheli » Sat Jun 26, 638619 7:32 am

I'm so sorry, Kristin. I can "hear" your worry and desperation in your words - and I'd feel the same. For what it's worth, my doctors are saying the same about lying bps, that it doesn't matter how high they get even sitting as long as they come down lying. But I am NOT on bp meds, and I think that's a big difference. I completely hear you that now that you're at full term - which is just wonderful - you want to deliver sooner rather than wait until you get sicker.
Especially since the weekend is coming, could you just go into L&D as soon as your next spike happens and say that you're not feeling well nor right, that you know your body and symptoms, mention especially the swelling? I know going into L&D is awful, but always better than worrying terribly at home when you know something is wrong.
Next thought: thankfully your own doctor will be back on Monday, right? I'm glad you have an appointment as soon as Monday morning - that's very good. Hopefully s/he will listen or explain decisions to keep on waiting so that you can feel better about them.
It IS good that your proteins remain under diagnostic - my docs here also say that anything under 300mg is "normal" in pregnancy, even though having any protein certainly doesn't feel so when you've already had PE!!! I hear you on that!!!
I'm thinking of you very much and wish I could help more. ((((((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))))))

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby coachswife14 » Sat Jun 26, 638619 6:55 am

I'm going to need some of you (all of you maybe) to talk me down off the ledge here. Needless to say my appt. did not go well. I won't go into every single detail but here is a run-down.

I gained 3 pounds since Wednesday. Now, that puts me at a total of 10 in 9 days. Please keep in mind that as of 34 weeks I was still 7 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, I've not changed any of my eating habits, I'm drinking water, and you all know I'm on bedrest. So, obviously it's mostly swelling.

My bp went I first went in was 158/97. She had me lay on my left side for ten minutes and took it lying down. It went down to 135/88. She said that was a great reading. After that the doctor came in, and we began to discuss my symptoms/lab results. She told me my 24 hour came back at 260mg. She then proceeds to tell me that this is perfectly normal in pregnancy. So, to sum up 24 hours.....86 in first tri, 169 second week in June, and now 260 at 37 weeks. She measured me and I was 36cm...said it was normal. I am 50% effaced and fingertip to 1 dilated. She checked my reflexes and said they were normal even though I noticed they were much more sensitive than last time. They "lost" my bloodwork. So, they are trying to locate that and will call me back with results.

I proceeded to lay it all out on the table with her....that having had this twice before, I know the symptoms. I have all the concerning symptoms and yet I'm sent home like nothing's wrong and left completely out on my own. I said that while I realize things aren't severe at the moment it's obvious they're changing. Is that not medical reason enough to move up my section? She basically told me this.....

my bp is labile so let's up my dosage (that's twice in five days it's been upped now) from 300mg twice a day to 300mg three times a day.

my swelling is due to the extreme heat and humidity we are having....oh and salt in my diet. Right. Because I'm on bedrest, I don't go outside, and I haven't changed my eating habits AT ALL.

my headache will be fixed by my upped labetalol dosage....even though that hasn't helped one bit.

Basically she said they would only deliver before my originally scheduled date IF and ONLY IF I show "severe" signs. I go back to the doctor Monday morning....and I guess I've got two weeks to sit around and wait for something terrible to happen to me or my baby.

I've never felt so alone and dismissed in my entire life.

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Re : Made it to full-term!/Update on appt.

Postby milesymommy » Sat Jun 26, 638619 5:30 am

Yeah!!! Congrats on 37 weeks!!!

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