Fetal Doppler

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Re : Fetal Doppler

Postby dolphinjen » Tue Sep 10, 638616 2:20 am

I used mine a lot too, I don't think here are any dangers in using it.

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Re : Fetal Doppler

Postby amandamm » Tue Sep 10, 638616 12:32 am

Ditto everyone else... I think it is approved for frequent use, so I wouldn't worry. I have been using mine about every other day since 10 weeks, and I am now 15.

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Re : Fetal Doppler

Postby missgamecock » Sat Aug 31, 638616 3:35 am

Used mine SEVERAL times a day for months. Cate was not a mover and shaker.

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Re : Fetal Doppler

Postby sheri-ct » Fri Aug 30, 638616 2:29 pm

I used mine everyday until I could feel the baby (22 weeks or so). With my twins I felt very little movement and used it everyday until delivery. I told my OB I had one and she didn't seem concerned......just warned me about not freaking out if I had trouble finding the h/b early on.


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Fetal Doppler

Postby sj » Fri Aug 30, 638616 1:23 pm

How often is it safe to use the fetal doppler to hear the heartbeat? I am currently 16 weeks and don't feel pregnant at all. Also my belly is very small. With my first pregnancy I could feel 'the uterus' stretching (I know every pregnancy is different and I should thank my stars but I would feel more comfortable if I felt something). I also know it is too earlt to feel the baby move. As a result I feel like checking the heartbeat almost everyday. I guess I am addicted to it now but I don't want to use it if it is harmful to the baby. Any suggestions/recommendations?

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