Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

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Re : Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby season » Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:50 am

That is so sweet of you, I am assuming you are a great MIL. Some things that I can think of - Magazines or one magazine with a promise of a subscription to it.(ie Kiwi, Real Simple etc.), Jamba juice gift card, a picture book about a new baby (so she can work on preparing the older sibling), comfy "house" socks, foot soak (ie spa like stuff for soaking feet.)

Book suggestions:

The New Baby by Mercer Mayer ... 737&sr=8-1
I'm a Big Brother ... pd_sim_b_4
Waiting For Baby ... 99&sr=1-14

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Re : Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby neslo » Wed Jun 24, 2009 09:51 am

I love the idea of lotions or soap - but watch out for things with to much scent. Right now I have a hard time using anything like that because my sense of smell is so sensitive. I love Sabrina's idea for restaurant gift cards. Dinner is the last thing I feel like dealing with at the end of the day. A good chic lit book would be a great addition too. If she hasn't read it already Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy is hilarious.

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Re : Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby mada » Wed Jun 24, 2009 09:15 am

Good trashy magazines are always fun too. Also a cute new maternity sundress or summery shirt.

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Re : Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby missgamecock » Wed Jun 24, 2009 01:05 am

Suzanne, I am in Florida right now and it has been 103 all WEEK. I am in Orlando till Friday.

I loved loved loved gift cards to local restaraunts. This way we could order out instead of trying to cook. We got a ton from family for Christmas. I also liked gift cards for pedicures.

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Re : Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby hannahsmom » Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:07 pm

Jackie -

You are so sweet! I live in Florida and it was 103 degrees yesterday, so I would suggest not sending chocolate :)
Beef jerkey and nuts sound good! I am sure she will love the goodies, but the fact that you are thinking of her will mean even more. What a great MIL you are!!

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Re : Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby sonja » Tue Jun 23, 2009 07:24 pm

Some really good belly lotion to help with stretch marks - I don't think that it really works, but it is nice to put on.

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Re : Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby amanda » Tue Jun 23, 2009 05:58 pm

I think what you've suggested is wonderful. Maybe some bath and body stuff?

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Gift bag idea for pregnant Daughter-in-law

Postby surefoott » Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:12 am

I want to send my daughter-in-law a surprise goody bag of some treats and snacks, and maybe some other things; she is now 14 weeks pregnant and not sick at all. They have a little boy who will be a year in July and are very excited to give him a little sibling and (obviously) want their babies to be close in age. I thought of a couple magazines, maybe some fuzzy socks, and I want to send some healthy snacks. I think the world of her and I love doing these things. You ladies always have great ideas; what's good and healthy and fun and won't melt in mail going to Florida?

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