Karoliina and Dani

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby trish » Fri Mar 02, 638610 1:03 pm

Congrats!! So good to hear that all is well (except for those BP's!) No need to hurry off meds if you need them to keep those pressures under control.

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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby debbie78 » Fri Mar 02, 638610 7:27 am

Karoliina-- So, so glad to see an update from you! I hope that BP starts falling back to where it should be! Can't wait to read more. :)

mikeys mom
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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby mikeys mom » Fri Mar 02, 638610 6:56 am

Ouch but yeah. Overall I am so glad that everything is turning out okay and you know what to do with that bp. Hopefully you will see it down down down by the 6 week mark!

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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby amanda » Fri Mar 02, 638610 6:53 am

I hope your BP goes down quickly but you are doing the right thing watching it.
I LOVE reading birth stories too - especially when they are in other countries - it seems like they do things so differently!

Glad to hear that your family is doing well. Congratulations again.

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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby kbunsey » Fri Mar 02, 638610 5:12 am

Hoping your bp comes down, wishing your stitches a speedy recovery and so happy to hear about your healthy baby. Cheers!

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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby babyemsmom » Fri Mar 02, 638610 1:48 am

Glad to hear your news too! I was starting to get worried! I know you don't want to read scary stories about post partum PE, but please do keep an eye on yourself.

Can't wait to see some pictures...no hurry though, we all understand the craziness!

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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby susheli » Thu Mar 01, 638610 11:16 pm

Dear Karoliina,
Oh, I'm SO glad to hear from you!!!! But I didn't mean to make you feel bad for not being able to post sooner... I'm so sorry if my worries made you feel you should have. As my DH said today when I told him I was worried about you and Dani: "Of course she's not posting, she has just had a new baby!" Silly me. Now I am just so relieved and happy to know you're alright. Please forgive me if you felt in any way pressured.

I'm sorry your bps are not down yet - mine took over 6 weeks to settle (on meds) and then I was on meds for months (I can't believe I can't remember exactly for how long, those first weeks with a new baby blur).
I know that stress and especially tiredness make my pressures go up, and my diastolic is also always high is relation to my systolic. My doc told me some people's arteries simply react in this way. But it is important, I think, to watch for signs and keep monitoring pressures after birth, though I so understand that that's the last thing you want to do now! Maybe you can see it as taking time to take care of yourself, have a relaxing cup of warm tea and sit for a little while Dani is sleeping, and then take them? It was so hard for me to remember to take care of myself too when Aurelia was tiny and needed so so much care and attention... but I always saw what a difference even a small amount of time doing something for myself made.

Thank you for sharing Dani's birth story. I'm so glad the induction didn't last too long. It sounds like you were very strong and very brave with painful contractions and such a short, intense last phase. I was very touched reading your beautiful sentence: "Just like Stella, Dani looked and felt like "our baby" right away."

I hope the nights aren't too difficult and that Stella is adapting well to the big transition. (Aurelia and C just came home and I must stop, but I'll write more later.) I'm just so happy to know you are well, dear Karoliina!

Many, many hugs, xoxox Sush

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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby sonja » Thu Mar 01, 638610 9:05 pm

I just love birth stories!!

Congratulations on little Dani's arrival.

Keep an eye on those pressures and any other symptoms that you might be having - headaches is the one that I hear most about post partum.

Take care.

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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby karoliina » Thu Mar 01, 638610 8:55 pm

I'm very sorry to have made you worried - especially you, Sush, as you have emailed me.

I've just been very busy with the new situation and a rocky start we've had in many respects, and I have spent very little time online. Every day I have thought that today I will post here and/or email Sush, but then I've suddenly realised it's already 1 am and I REALLY need to go to bed... But I'm so sorry I haven't even sent a quick word to let you know we're good. It's so difficult for me to write shortly, I have postponed it trying to find a moment when I have lots of time to share.

Another reason might be that my blood pressures are still very high (mostly just diastolic) and I just haven't wanted to think about it. Logging in to the forums means I'm going to read information about postpartum PE etc. and I just don't have the energy to get worried or anything... I know it's silly, but I'm tired of being sick so I try to ignore the pressures.

Anyway, I'll write now as much as I can, and will come back later. I can't wait to read about all the other ladies, new babies and other news! I've missed you all. ((((((HUGS))))))

So last Tuesday, April 14, I went in to L&D because my pressures were getting too high once again. I thought they would just up my meds, but this doctor said immediately they would induce that day as I was already so far along (39+4) and preeclamptic.

They started with Cytotec around 3 pm that day, and even though I was prepared for it to take a day or two before anything would happen, I started having regular contractions at 5 pm. After 7 pm a doctor came to see me and said they wouldn't give me any more Cytotec that day as I was already having regular contractions and I had dilated after that first dose. She said I would probably give birth that night, but if the contractions would stop, we would continue with Cytotec the following morning.

She was so rough when checking my cervix, it probably helped things to develop faster, and suddenly the contractions were already very very painful. I stayed there for two hours, but around 9 pm it started to become unbearable so we went to the maternity ward (?). (I'm not sure how you call the room where you have babies.)

It took three hours before I could push. I got an epidural around 11 pm, but I was already in so much pain, it was very difficult for the doctor to succeed with it, and it was pretty torturous. Also, the pressure was already so bad, the contractions were still very nasty even if the epidural took the actual pain away for a little while.

I think it took only 15 minutes or so for me to dilate the last 5 cm, so I was very surprised when they suddenly said the baby would come now. It took me only a couple of minutes to push him out, but I should've been more patient as now I have some stitches to remind me that even though it hurts like *, you're not supposed to break any records for speed while you push. :)

Dani was born at 00:07, a little after midnight, conveniently to share his grandmother's birthday. He was 20 inches long and weighed 7 pounds. A very decent size, especially as the placenta was small and calcified. Just like Stella, Dani looked and felt like "our baby" right away. We spent a couple of more hours in that room holding and feeding him, and of course I was sutured for an hour or so, and we also got some food, and I took a shower.

I was pretty beat, a lot more tired and sore than after the first time, but of course I was also happy. :) Luckily we got a family room so DH could stay with us, even though we only stayed for two nights as we were missing Stella, who was staying at the grandparents. Looking back it would've probaby been a good idea to stay a little longer to really rest and recover.

At the hospital my pressures were going down and the dipsticks were negative, so I was happy about that. A doctor wanted to down my meds right away and gave me instructions to take them less little by little so that I would be off the meds in a week. At home, however, my pressures started climbing up again, so a couple of days ago I upped the meds back to the old levels, but I'm not really responding to them, I think. My pressures are pretty much the same, the average maybe 138/98, both before and after having taken the meds.

I think it's strange my systolic pressure is below 140 most of the time, so it's okay, even though it's obviously still high compared to my baseline. But the diastolic is all the time over 95. Even when pregnant it was dipping every day a little lower at times, but now it's never below 95, and most of the time between 97 and 99.

But now it seems I really have to go and feed Dani... I'll be back soon to finish the story and read all the new threads. Once again I'm sorry I've been absent, but I hope you'll forgive me.

"See" you soon!



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Re : Karoliina and Dani

Postby waitinghopefully » Thu Mar 01, 638610 3:30 am

Hoping all is well!

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