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Re : 38 weeks and counting...

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 638609 7:28 pm
by joker
I hope Dani comes soon and I am glad you are stable!

Re : 38 weeks and counting...

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 638609 4:48 pm
by wrennie
glad your doing so well! Hope Dani decides to come soon, waiting is so hard! But, pretty soon your baby will be in your arms, hoorray!

Re : 38 weeks and counting...

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 638609 10:00 am
by karoliina
Yeah, the last time I didn't have time to even think about giving birth before it happened. Now it's a different story. :) Although I think I would be still alright for at least a week or so, if I just was healthy. Now it's so nerve-wracking... But in any case I think around these weeks women in general start to monitor all possible symptoms for going into labour. In a way it has its own charm. :)


Re : 38 weeks and counting...

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 638609 4:50 am
by sonja
I have heard that those last few weeks of pregnancy can be very hard (I had both of mine at 37 1/2 weeks). I hope that you will be meeting your little one very soon.

Re : 38 weeks and counting...

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 638609 1:56 am
by amanda
Karoliina -
How wonderful! I'm so excited for you!
It's great that your symptoms are stable and I too can certainly understand wanting to go ahead and have the baby now that you are officially full term - I don't think you are silly. :)

I hope that Dani decides to come and meet his mom, dad, and sister sooner rather than later. Keep an eye on your symptoms like you always do (sorry - I know I am not saying anything you don't know!).

Come on Dani - decide to come on out!

Re : 38 weeks and counting...

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 638609 12:06 am
by lilillini
That's great! I mean, I hope Dani decides to make his entrance before you get too uncomfortable, but how wonderful that you are at 38.5 weeks and counting!

38 weeks and counting...

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 638609 6:11 pm
by karoliina
So I was to the hospital today, and now I'm back home... Everything's okay. :)

They started with an NST (good) and taking my BP while lying down... *rolls eyes* (but at least they took it from the lower arm). I didn't want to fight the nurse, because I had already told them it's usually in the evenings when my pressures go up. So anyway, pressures were all fine, no surprises there.

Then I saw a dr who did an ultrasound. She had a lot of trouble measuring Dani, as he's not only very low in my pelvis (which meant now and also the last time that they can't measure his head properly) but this time also wouldn't hold still at all! They said he would be 3,5 kg now (7,7 pounds), but I highly doubt it, as 10 days ago the estimate was 2,7 kg (6 pounds), and I really don't think he would've grown that much in such a short time. :) But most likely he'll be bigger than Stella, and it would be so wonderful to have a 6,5-pounder, for example!

My protein from last week was over 400 mg, so it's going up, but still relatively low. I'm doing another catch now, and will take it back tomorrow, as they want to see me again then (don't really know why, maybe just to get the sample). I showed the dr my BP log from the weekend, and my meds were increased so that I take Albetol three times a day now, which will hopefully help to keep the BP low also in the evenings.

I asked about their policies re: inductions and PE, and the dr said if they can keep my BP under control with the meds, my protein is not getting very high, labs are okay, the baby seems to be doing fine and I'm not getting any further symptoms like headaches or visual disturbances -- they won't induce and won't mind me going all the way to 40 weeks or more. I understand that, but now I'm starting to worry I'll have this baby in May... Eek! I know it's a silly reason to complain here, but I'm just tired of being pregnant and wish Dani will decide to come on his own soon!

So back to the hospital tomorrow, but they will probably send me back home again to wait until I go into labour spontaneously.

Karoliina 38+3