I am scheduled for my C section.... *UPDATE*

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : I am scheduled for my C section.... *UPDATE*

Postby amanda » Mon Jan 12, 638607 7:07 am

Woo Hoo!! April 22nd - that's a GREAT day! (Of course, any day is a great day - LOL). I'm getting so excited for you!

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Re : I am scheduled for my C section.... *UPDATE*

Postby lilillini » Mon Jan 12, 638607 6:52 am

How exciting to have a date! I know how you feel - my OB has scheduled my c/s for June 2nd, even though she doesn't think I'm going to get nearly that far!

I had no labor with DS and even though I was on mag, I thought my recovery was fairly easy, all things considered. I have a pretty high pain threshold, and was inclined to not want to take the Motrin they were pushing on me, but the nurses made me take it to help keep my BP at bay. Of course, DS was in the NICU so I wasn't up and taking care of him right away, but 5 days later when I was discharged, I had DH take me to Costco and Babies R Us before we went home. That probably wasn't the best idea, but I felt like a million bucks just being off the mag and out in the world!

I am so excited for you to make it to April 22nd!

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Re : I am scheduled for my C section.... *UPDATE*

Postby hols537 » Mon Jan 12, 638607 6:43 am

I had 2 sections, so I know no different, but I recovered quickly and easily from the second. The first was a little tougher, but I had pre-e and mag then.

Su - I went into labor prior to my scheduled section and the doctor on call delivered him that night (well, early the next morning). I hope you're able to get the doctor you want! From what I hear, having a scheduled section rather than going all the way thru labor just to have a section is a much easier recovery.

April 22 was my due date with Alexander. Good luck!

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Re : I am scheduled for my C section.... *UPDATE*

Postby kbunsey » Mon Jan 12, 638607 6:18 am

You'll be OK. Sections scare me too - like you said - it is the recovery that is scary. I look at my tummy every day and wonder. But I have 3 cousins, sisters, who all have had sections - they must have small hips or birth canals or something b/c none of their kids were breech - but - they all recovered just fine. There are 6 kids between the 3 of them. Docs make nice small cuts now - like a little smiley on your bikini line. I know it is scary but I also know you'll be OK. You've done so great in this pregnancy. You'll do great in recovery too. And who knows - what if your little SamJam decides to do a last minute turn and grand entrance. Crazier things have happened.

I am so excited that you are so far along. Hooray!!!!!

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Re : I am scheduled for my C section.... *UPDATE*

Postby shelbys mom » Mon Jan 12, 638607 6:13 am

Su how was your shower it was on Sunday wasn't it??? from getting to know you on here you seem a strong woman, and the recovery will be a breeze for you for you section :) I am so glad to see you are doing well!! Can't wait to meet Samar!

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I am scheduled for my C section.... *UPDATE*

Postby suleaf » Mon Jan 12, 638607 4:30 am


I saw the OB today. He spent some time talking to me about everything- I got a C section pamphlet and he actually really calmed me down. He told me it's a common procedure and although he is a proponent of natural childbirth, he said in some ways a C section is more controlled and there's a reason that they occur when childbirth comes up with complications. He said it won't be 20 hours. I will see my baby right away. He said that I shouldn't feel pain and that there will be tugging.... and pulling... but they will take care of me with pain meds. He emphasized the bikini cut and said that only he and Q and I would ever see it... ha. He gave me some pre-reg paperwork to schedule my bloodwork the day before and said I would be fine and he's done many of them. I proceeded to add to the horror of it all when he told me the history of C sections- I told him, "Oh yea, it's in Macbeth- you know the prophecy about Macduff? That's why he could kill Macbeth". He just kind of looked at me and said "Well ok". He he. I informed him that Samar better stay put til April 22nd because if someone else delivers the baby, I am going to be very sad. He said I was in good hands no matter what, and I told him I knew... but it just isn't the same.

In any case, I guess the point is that I feel better about it all... otherwise I am still 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced.... Samar had the hiccups during most of his NSTs which was hilarious. He passed quickly today though. I'm doing fine- he's growing, I'm suffering from back pain from his growth, and really my OB thinks we will make it to the 4/22 mark. He did tell me he was disappointed that it had to be a C section since I am primed so perfectly with the dilation and all for vaginal delivery... lol. So funny. Figures my little boy would turn that decision on its head!


It's April 22.

39 weeks.

I think it's a bit ambitious at my 3 cm 80% effaced state but ok fine.

I get to talk to my OB about it in more detail tomorrow....
I have LOTS of questions- like can he do the C section even if I go into labor earlier????? Because I am highly attached and I don't want to go to anyone else!

He says if I go into labor sooner, then we do the C section then.... no one really expects Samar to turn at this point.

He told me it isn't my fault because I don't think I was too pleased about it but that isn't what unnerves me. It's the recovery!!!!!!!!

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