??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby debbie78 » Thu Apr 02, 638607 6:06 pm

Good for you for setting up the MFM appointment! Please update us after it. I hope all goes super with this pregnancy!

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby mintmommy » Thu Apr 02, 638607 12:10 pm

I was about 5 weeks. I would suggest for you to remind them over the phone that you have had a high risk pregnancy before. They should squeeze you in for a sooner time. That is what happens with me. I remind them of my situation and that changes it all.

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby shanypaul » Sun Feb 15, 638607 5:12 am

thanks so much for all of the responses. I took the advice of many on this board and called the MFM practice that we went to last summer for counseling. They are going to see me next Friday! I know that this pregnancy is going to be a nerve wracking one, and I think that I will be a bit calmer once I know that my doctors are really monitoring me carefully. My old ob group was a baby factory--and although I am sure that they are good drs, it always seemed to me that the practice was just focused on getting you in and out the door as quickly as possible. Hopefully, this will be a much easier pregnancy!!

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby swagner23 » Tue Feb 03, 638607 5:26 pm

I too have already had a battery of tests - they told me they wanted to get a baseline on all the preeclampsia labs and the 24 hr urine.

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby shierman » Tue Feb 03, 638607 1:16 am

I saw MFM at week 5 and have already been back once (week 9). I've had two ultrasounds and a plethora of tests run, including a 24hr urine sample (always a good time). The group wants to see me 1X/month until week 20 and then every other week.

One of the things they asked me on my second appointment was if I'd had any headaches or blurring. Since you have one, I'd call and ask to talk to a nurse. S/he might be able to give you some advice and reassurance. Also, they'll have your chart in front of them and you can ask what they think about having an appointment so far out. They might even be able to help get that date pushed up.

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby brianned5 » Fri Jan 23, 638607 9:39 am

I see an MFM, and I had my first prenatal appointment on 02/26 at 6w6d. I am now almost 11 weeks and have seen them 5 times already.

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby jayme » Thu Jan 22, 638607 1:33 pm

I went in the day after I got a positive so I could get a prescription for Lovenox.

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby missdee » Thu Jan 22, 638607 2:40 am

I was seen very early as they wanted to put me on LDA and run some tests. Apparently the LDA is more effective the sooner you take it, Ive been on iy since four weeks!

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby hypergirl_trlee » Mon Jan 12, 638607 12:58 pm

I know what you mean. I delivered my baby via c-section at 28 weeks and 1 day. When I got pregnant with this baby, I was EXTREMELY nervous (and still am) and just wanted to be at the doc. all the time!! I called to get an appt. and they ended up making an appt. for a month away!!! But they did do an ultrasound at 7 weeks, so that made me feel a little better.
I ended up calling my OB to ask a question, and she realized that her staff had made the appt. for so far away, and said "No, I want to see you before that with your history, I'm going to have them change this right now.. Maybe your doc. doesn't know.. sometimes the staff doesn't know exactly what is going on??

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Re : ??? how soon was your 1st prenatal appt?

Postby kbunsey » Mon Jan 12, 638607 1:20 am

Welcome to the fall baby preggie group! Here's my experience:

I had a couple preconception consultation appointments w/ MFMs before getting pregnant again. 2x w/ the MFM who took over my care when I had PE and 1 with my new MFM. I had to switch hospitals b/c of insurance. Regular OBs won't touch me for pregnancy and that's just fine by me! I saw my MFM right away - I mean the week I got my + hpt. Maybe b/c I'm a nervous nelly or maybe b/c she's kind and attentive she monitored my hCG w/ 2 blood draws and then did an u/s when I was 6 weeks - so I got to see the little heart beat. She probably would have waited on the u/s until this week (9w) but I was so nervous and paraniod - she did it earlier to try and calm me down. It was awesome! I am blessed in finding her. I can see my MFM every week if I want to. That is so helpful. I love that I see only the MFM - helps me feel like she knows me, I know her and it keeps my care plan simple. It is really important for me to feel good about my MFM and the care I'm getting. PE is scary and we should get the best care available!

I hope you can find somebody who makes you feel good about the care the provide. Being pregnant again after PE is not easy, but a great doc makes all the difference. ((Hugs))

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