Preggy check-in.....

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby shierman » Fri Nov 14, 638606 1:54 pm

How many weeks? 8 weeks 5 days

Morning sickness? Almost gone, but it was mild anyway. Didn't throw-up once, much to my best friend's dismay.

Helpful morning sickness advice? Crackers

How's the bp? 120/80 at last appointment- we'll see what it is after today's appointment.

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? Surprise, just like his/her brother.

cravings? Um, apple fritters, marshmallows, and fruit, lots of fruit!

Names? Thomas David or Helene Grace (I think- DH is still trying out "Helene" to see if he can remember it)

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby threesparkles » Wed Oct 22, 638606 6:42 pm

How many weeks? 8w3d

Morning sickness? YES, horrible very early on, but it's starting to taper off. I thought this was when it was supposed to peak?!

Helpful morning sickness advice? Don't let yourself get hungry.

How's the bp? So far it's been averaging 120/70, altho at the doc's office it was 110/60!!! Amazing :)

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? Too soon to tell!

cravings? none really so far

Names? none picked out yet :)

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby sydneymama » Wed Oct 22, 638606 2:17 am

How many weeks? 29 wks

Morning sickness? Just a little in the beginning

Helpful morning sickness advice? Eat small meals more frequently. When I got hungry was when I felt the worst

How's the bp? So far, it's great. 120s/60s. Dr's office is a little higher

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? Boy

cravings? taco bell

Names? Alex Joseph (AJ)

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby sarah.niere » Sat Oct 11, 638606 10:25 pm

How many weeks? 10

Morning sickness? Lots of nausea...

Helpful morning sickness advice? Nope... I just wait it out

How's the bp? good so far, thankfully

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? Too soon to say

cravings? nope... everything sounds yucky

Names? Still holding off... but we have some ideas saved from the last pregnancy

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby melodi » Fri Oct 10, 638606 3:15 pm

How many weeks? 34w !! That is just amazing that we have made it this far

Morning sickness? Had it, but it stopped at around 16w

Helpful morning sickness advice? Not get hungry and eating apples that have been in the fridge (cold and fresh)

How's the bp? Still very good 110/63

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? A little boy :-)

cravings? Chocolate in any form - hot chocolate (would even eat the powder from the jar) , chocolate icecream and chocolate bars (but my ob thinks I have to watch my weight, so...)

Names? Martin (even though I just read a book where the bad guy was called Martin. BUt unfortunately I have no alternatives)

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby annoited » Tue Sep 30, 638606 9:15 am

How many weeks? Yey!! 34WEEKS TODAY....Still cant believe how far i've come with this pregnancy!!

Morning sickness? Nah...but i'm heartburned out!!

Helpful morning sickness advice? Sorry ~ NONE

How's the bp? Perfect

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!! BOY

cravings? Anything flows lol

Names? Isaiah

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby mama2aredhead » Thu Sep 18, 638606 3:33 pm

How many weeks? 34w4d

Morning sickness? Thank god it stopped finally at 22 weeks. But then the acid reflux came and I vomit still from that!

Helpful morning sickness advice? nope, nothing helped me!

How's the bp? Wonderful!

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? Boy!

cravings? I have GD and Celiac diesase so I am craving everything I can't eat!!

Names? Steven Thomas

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby bgorr » Tue Aug 26, 638606 3:10 pm

How many weeks? 24 weeks

Morning sickness? Oh yes!!! Far worse than with my two girls.

Helpful morning sickness advice? Don't nap during the day.

How's the bp? 130/80 - only OK

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? Surprise

cravings? Coke

Names? None yet - really hard this time - not sure why.


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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby dbronson » Tue Aug 26, 638606 7:25 am

How many weeks? 28 weeks

Morning sickness? Ug, yes

Helpful morning sickness advice? Chew gum, although it agravated my TMJ...

How's the bp? Had a few spikes. My last however was 119/70. I was so proud of that I almost kissed the nurse!

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? A little boy

cravings? Ice (I know. i'm strange.)

Names? Open to suggestions. Also, I am afraid to pick them out becasue I feel like I am jinxing myself.

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Re : Preggy check-in.....

Postby suleaf » Thu Aug 14, 638606 1:29 pm

How many weeks? 33 weeks, 4 days

Morning sickness? I had it but not now!!

Helpful morning sickness advice? Try to make sure your stomach isn't empty but mostly it's a matter of waiting it out and having faith that it will pass!

How's the bp? Excellent so far.... today was 122/74

Boy/Girl/Suprise!!!? A little boy

cravings? Ha.... I lost a pound today so basically just making myself eat SOMETHING right now is a good thing.

Names? Samar Jamal

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