I hate it when people say I look small

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby swagner23 » Sun Oct 30, 638603 10:49 pm

Man would that make me mad! After having a baby that weighed just under 1 pound, I think I would have a panic attack. I got pregnant 3 months after Bethany, and I'm only about 7 1/2 weeks along, so maybe I can get away with not telling people I'm pregnant for a very long time and hopefully avoid people's thoughtless comments.

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby dolphinjen » Sun Oct 30, 638603 8:21 am

It's funny how people don't edit their thoughts. I'd take reassurance in my doc's opinion.

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby melodi » Sun Oct 30, 638603 6:35 am

Hi, just wanted to say that I think there is some stupid double standard with regards to women's size during pregnancy. On the one hand, big is good and means big healthy babies. On the other, it seems like some people think that it is a goal that women remain slim during pregnancy. So, I think that when someone say that you look small, it is because of this. It is supposed to be a compliment, something that is hard to understand - especially if one has suffered preclampsia. Try not to listen to them.

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby missgamecock » Wed Oct 19, 638603 12:52 am

Ugh I complained about the same thing last time with Cate. At 25 weeks, you could barely tell I was pregnant. At 30 weeks, there was some wacko woman in my ob's waiting room that sat next to me. She asked me when I was due and proceeded to tell me I was huge and would be having a 10 lbs baby. I was so upset when I got in to see my ob. He asked what was wrong and I told him what happened. He laughed. He said one I would not even be close to having a 10 lb baby (he was right - 5lbs 7 ozs) and he told me I was not huge. He said I was measuring just right! He also asked me if I had informed the woman that she was just rude. I said no, I got called back Thank God. Just take it with a grain of salt and realize how ignorant they are.

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby mama2aredhead » Tue Oct 18, 638603 4:16 pm

Hugs! That would bug me too!

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby jenh » Sat Oct 08, 638603 11:50 am

She probably meant it as a compliment and had no idea how it would affect you. After all, who wants to hear "you look like a hippo with a gland problem"?

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby onesock » Sat Oct 08, 638603 11:47 am

I think people should just keep quiet about it both ways...no one wants to hear..you are huge as much as you are small. You know you are right where you are supposed to be, and that is all that matters :) Try not to let those things get to you (I know it is hard) but maybe she was really large in her pregnancy and thought it was a compliment or would make you feel good. WE think you look perfect!! :)

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby kteacher » Sat Oct 08, 638603 10:08 am

I know how you feel. I had a parent whose child is at my school this year (mind you I barely know her) come up at the store and say..."you are soo small for being due in April...have you gained enough weight?" I simply said, yes, I have. I wanted to say well, i am 5'7 and weighed 120 before being pregnant...so i mean what do you want me to look like...i can't help i'm taller and carry good. my baby measures right at how many weeks I am both when dr measures and on the last ultrasound! but some people just don't think before they talk. at least we all know better.

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby amanda » Sat Oct 08, 638603 7:25 am

Jen - people can be stupid... I mean one thing you can say is something along the line of well, I might be a little small but at least I don't have to lose 100 pounds and I'm not even pregnant.

Okay, so that's a little mean.
But still...
((hugs to you!))

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Re : I hate it when people say I look small

Postby debbie78 » Sat Oct 08, 638603 7:25 am

I agree about the comments. I get the opposite though -- "don't cough in here or that baby might fall out." Ugh. People just need to not say anything at all.

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