Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Postby melly » Tue Nov 19, 638318 6:23 pm

I'm cracking up here! My dh has ADD too. You tell him something and it goes in one ear and out the other. I asked him to come home to watch the kids while I went to a dental appt several times. I put it on our Google calendar, on the fridge and verbally reminded him several times. So a couple days before my appt I'm reminding him again and he says he can't come home from work b/c I didn't give him enough notice! And why didn't I put it on the calendar?!? Grrr...

I still love him though. Even if he drives me crazy sometimes!

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Postby babyemsmom » Mon Nov 18, 638318 11:26 pm

I can relate too! I asked my husband to put away all his jackets (you know the ones that he leaves thrown all over the bed)

You know what he did...shoved them in the corner!!! I don't think they will ever get it :)

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Postby bb0708 » Mon Nov 18, 638318 8:03 pm

I can not complain about mine here, although I can totally say that would drive me nuts. I would wind up doing everything myself which is not something you can do if you are supposed to be takling it easy!!

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Postby jenanderson » Sun Nov 17, 638318 10:08 pm

I've got one with ADD too! He not only has zero time management, he also cannot prioritize to save his soul. He has been sheetrocking our garage, which is a large task, but it has a little bit done on every wall. He tires of working on one wall so he moves on to the next. It's like a patchwork quilt of sheetrock!
Right now he is supposed to be folding a load of laundry since I'm "working", but I can see that basket is half done with socks everywhere and he is doing pushups and watching frasier. Is there any hope to get him to focus for longer than our 3 year old?!?

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Re : topic

Postby onesock » Sat Nov 09, 638318 12:19 am

Mine is ADD too...I feel your pain :(

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Postby debbie78 » Fri Nov 08, 638318 4:22 pm

I'd be annoyed, too. Sometimes dh's are completely clueless.

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Postby jgrumet » Fri Nov 08, 638318 3:34 pm

your dh sounds like me! Now I know what my husband has to put up with. I'm sorry that would really annoy me too.

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Postby wrennie » Fri Nov 08, 638318 3:28 pm

oh thats NOT cool! I feel for you, but I cant however join in! Beyond picking really strange outfits for me to wear in the hospital, my DH is awesome! (not to rub it in!!!)

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Postby moreheadcity » Fri Nov 08, 638318 1:11 pm

Thanks girls. Yeah, ADD is a possibility. I folded and hung up all the laundry and he usually totes it up the stairs for me in two super heavy baskets and puts it up....well, after I asked him, I heard this paper ripping sound coming from the basement...i was like what are you doing...this is 30 minutes later, and he's like going thru these papers.......i was like, uh, what about the LAUNDRY!!?!??! MEN!

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Postby sydneymama » Fri Nov 08, 638318 12:30 pm

My dh has ADD so that is our life on a daily basis. I put his to do list in his phone and let it remind him of what needs done. Sometimes it still doesn't happen, but I've learned to put up with it the best I can.
Hope you got to enjoy the alone time.
It doesn't sound like they get better w/ age. Good luck.

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