Getting totally bummed out.... Long

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Re : Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby missgamecock » Fri Aug 30, 638318 7:32 am


Hooray I can go to the party tonight. Didn't think I would be happy but after going to see the peri's office today and not being out for the last week, it was like WOW we got pounded by that storm. The nurse said it should be ok to go as long as I go, get in a recliner, put my feet up and don't move. She said dh has to do stuff for me and chase the girls. He was sitting there when she told him that. :) We are still having a sewer issue, but I figured out the clog is localized to the laundry sink (our clothes are clean so no need to run the washer). However, the bad news is the main pipe in the house is cracked and water is weeping/leaking from it when big things are run (enough to wet a towel underneath it but not flood the basement type wet.). So we just have to watch water usage. Switched to hand wash dishes instead of dishwasher and wuick showers and short baths. That will be expensive to fix. At least we have the money to cover it. Things could be worse.

Oh and dh said mil made a comment about the house to him. He told her he didn't see her making comments about sil & bil's house (much worse than ours) so why is she making comments about ours? She shut up. I told him the next time that she says something say something along the lines of we remember how we cleaned your house and fed fil when you were sick. Instead of complaining about it, why not come and help do something about it? If you are not willing to do that, then be quiet. Yeah dh!!!!

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Re : Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby melly » Fri Aug 30, 638318 6:53 am

Heehee...dd just put her little toe on the keyboard while I'm nursing and wiped out my post. That's what I get for multi-tasking while nursing.

I hope you are enjoying Christmas eve despite everything. I remember how hard it was being on bedrest and trying to ignore the chaos going on around me. My dh's cleaning standards are far below my own. I couldn't complain because he really was doing his best, but it was still hard. It must be even harder at this time of year. Just aren't running around like a crazy woman steamcleaning carpets, picking up after the kids, preparing a turkey ect. ect. ect. That crazy woman is me! I am taking a "break" to nurse the baby.

I wish we had a white Christmas here...although just for a day. It'll be in the 70's here for Christmas. Your kids must be getting so excited. My ds says he's grumpy and hates Christmas! He'll change his tune when we open gifts I hope. Oh well, Christmas is wonderful and stressful at the same time.

Maybe if you mention to those that make comments about the house that you have looked high and low for cleaning help to give dh a hand and can't find anyone, someone will volunteer to lend a hand? It is a magical time of year after all! LOL! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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Re : Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby wrennie » Sun Aug 18, 638318 7:44 pm

oh sabrina, sorry your having such a hard time! Take some deep breaths girl, theres not much you can do (or should do) about it! I can only imagine the state of my house since im not even there...ohh, i wonder!

yeah, i saw LPBW last night, i was shocked about mike, that was really really sad. And then, yes the family with 18 kids, who has 18 kids?? How is that even possible, or good for anyone?! geez, it makes me cringe too, some people got it easy thats for sure!

hang in there, things will get better, you just have to get through a few more weeks!

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Re : Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby missgamecock » Sun Aug 18, 638318 5:35 pm

Oooops sorry. Yeah Mike died. He died of a torn aorta. The same thing that John Ritter died of. It was soo soo soo sad. I sat BAWLING while folding clothes last night. Then they had the Duggar family. 18 kids. I have trouble just having ONE.

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Re : Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby chubbiesmom » Sun Aug 18, 638318 5:29 pm

Sorry you are having such a rough time. I feel your pain with sewer issues. I learned our first house had sewer issues after we moved in and I ended up with raw sewage, tampons, and toilet paper all over the front lawn. I also liked when you flushed the toilet or did laundry and the bath tub would fill up. We tried snaking it, hired someone to snake it, snaked the roof vent and nothing worked. Finally we bought a ton of industrial strength stuff from Home Depot and dumped it down every lower level drain, and it actually worked.

I am having a, my house is a wreck, moment too. My head pounds and BP goes way up if I clean. Today I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and do it before I hyperventilate from the mess. On top of the messmy great danes are rebeling and enjoying crapping in my house. I want to just give them away right now.

Pretty soon our babies will be here.



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Re : Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby trish » Sun Aug 18, 638318 5:11 pm

Big (((HUGS)))) for you!! I know how terribly frustrating bedrest at the holidays can be - and I had a handy hubby, a maid (every 2 weeks) & a mom who helped last year. But I missed parties and my 3 year old's 1st Christmas program at pre-school.

Last year we barely decorated and everything was a mess - I vowed to make it up this year. Then we moved last month & my house is still strewn with boxes and crap everywhere - we just got room to put the tree up 2 days ago! I can do little about it because I've been dealing with high BP's (160's/100's) juggling new BP meds and dealing with an allergic reaction to ACE inhibitors. And I've got a 1st b-day coming up in 4 days too!!

I'm glad you can see the positive and that you do have some good holiday things to look forward to. I hope you can convince mom and hubby that it is necessary for you to take it easy and that it will all be worth it to have a healthy baby. Hang in there mama & know that even if we can't help, we at least understand.

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Re : Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby joker » Sun Aug 18, 638318 2:27 pm

OMG! Mike DIED! I totally missed LPBW last night...that is so sad...I might cry now.

It always seems that the crap always hits the fan when you least need it to. We had a tree fall down on our fence last week and wiped out a section of it, I'm glad the tree is gone, but I need the fence and we can't find any fencing to replace the section, so we will have to special order it. Grrr...

Don't worry about the house, it is the least important thing. if people make comments politely tell them where the vaccumm is. As for the other things, they will get themselves worked out. Hugs, I know it must be really hard to be on bedrest right now.

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Getting totally bummed out.... Long

Postby missgamecock » Sun Aug 18, 638318 9:22 am

I am missing everything, my house is a disaster area and should be declared a federal disaster zone, everything keeps breaking, and there is 6 feet of snow on the ground. Dh is understanding for all of about 2 days and then slips into old habits wanting me to do everything.

So far:
1) Our sewer line is backing up when you run a lot of water through it. You can't run the washer continuously. You have to wait an hour or so between washes and let it go down. You can't run the dishwasher and the washer at the same time. Dh is completely mechanically inept. I had him and fil rent a sewer snake. I didn't watch them because I was in bed. They said they ran it all the way out which was about 50 feet (we have a small yard so this is plenty). They caught a small clog of lint holding stuff up. They say they ran it 4 times through. However, I have been keeping an eye on it. It seems that the water is coming from the laundry tub and the big sewer line pipe that runs underneath it. It "may" be as simple as replacing the house pipe. I know they can hook the pipes together because we did that in the bathroom. Found a lead pipe about 2 feet long under the floor from the toilet to the sewer waste line and replaced it when we replaced the toilet. THAT WAS INTERESTING. If you wonder how I know stuff and dh doesn't. My parents divorced when I was 7. My father died when I was 9. My mother was completely and totally clueless and she didn't have the money to fix things. So I ended up learning along when someone came out or a neighbor came out. (I can also fix broken water lines under the house. :)). Plumber will be out on Friday afternoon (earliest he can get here). He has already said the city has you fix sewer line to the main line in the street. YOU have to pay to repair the street. I don't think it is that drastic. Hoping it is a simple clog. He doesn't think it is that drastic either.

2. Our snowblower completely broke - new one $700. It's waranteed for 4 years though. We can drop it from the roof of our house if we wanted and they would still have to fix it. This was the incident from the other night when we couldn't get it started.

3. I thought our furnace had gone out. It was acting wierd. Again, dh was clueless about it. I was freezing and checked the temp. It was 68. Our house is set to 72 (little kids that refuse to wear clothes). I played a bit with the thermostat. Dh said I was overreacting (there he goes with the overreacting pregnant woman thing). I told him something was wrong. It wasn't acting right. I asked him to check the vents outside thinking there was a toggle saftey switch. Thank GOD we checked the vents. The new plowing company had completely covered the furnace, water heater (gas), and dryer vent with 6 feet of snow. GRRRRRRRRRRR. He got it cleared out. Thank God the furnace acted nuts. Once it was cleared, hot air again and temp climbed. I'll have to ask bil about this as he does furnaces. Our carbon monoxide detectors had just died and I actually had them and smoke detector replacements on the grocery list that I had done that day. New CO2 detectors are up and working now as is the furnace. A cheap fix. Thank God no one was hurt. We aired out the house quite a bit with 0 degree weather.

4) Stair coming into the house broke from the side door (this week). Waiting for the plumbing situation to get taken care of before calling someone out. If my fil says one more thing about that stair, I am going to freaking smack him. I am sick to death of him commenting on it. So we have them coming in the front door now.

5) Laundry was not done. We managed to get it done even with the plumbing issue (took time). I folded in bed and Kirsten put it all away.

6) Tv in the girls playroom - Sara sprayed Febreeze in the dvd slot/vcr slot. Damaged it and it would not work. Replaced that for $200 (they are not taking over my tv). The new one will only let us get 28 channels. I have to find the patience and time to program it correctly. I am sure that it is a programming issue.

7)Sara is totally acting up. I want my mommy. She won't let dh do anything for her. Those two just totally butt heads. She wants a say in things (don't most 3 year olds) and he just wants her to do what he tells her to do. He doesn't understand that if he lets her help/choose, she is much easier to deal with. Plus, she will NOT go to sleep because daycare lets her take 2 hour naps. She is NOT one of those kids that need naps. Yes I have talked with daycare. At first they said there was nothing they could do it was regulation. I checked the state daycare regulation and I asked them where in state law did it say they couldn't wake her up after an hour? On weekends she does not get naps and she goes to bed peacefully at 8pm. Weeknights, more like 11pm.

8) House cleaning. I have advertised in the paper, craigs list, checked with the two companies here. Nothing. I can't find someone to PAY to come clean our house. Family has not offered anything (of course I knew that). They just come over and say oh your house is a mess. Thanks. We could clean it up and the girls would have it a mess in 5 minutes. When mil was sick, I cleaned her house and made sure fil had a meal each night.

Then dh. He is doing a lot. He is good about following dr's orders for about 2 days. Then he reverts back again and I am "on vacation" according to him. I know part of it is he is just frustrated. I remind him when he gets like this that every day she stays in is worth 2 days in the nicu. Do we really want a) a baby in the NICU and b) my dr to get fed up and hospitalize me? If I am in the hospital, I won't be doing ANYTHING. At least now the girls can hang out in bed with me and I am here if they need something.

I am missing out on all the holiday parties. Except I am being pressured big time by dh to attend his mother's Christmas Eve party. I already said I won't be going (I don't care for the company, but do want the food!). Dh doesn't want to go by himself. He said he would make sure that I have a recliner with my feet up and will wait on me hand and foot. I decided to let the peri decide on that. That way if she says no way, he will hear it himself and the answer is no. Mil lives 5 mins away. However she may say yes if I promise to stay in a recliner with my feet up. The only problem in this is that mil has said I brought this on myself by getting pregnant. I can just hear it now. I do want to go for dh because I know he doesn't want to go by himself. I just don't want to hear crap from her. They act all concerned one second and then turn around and use it against you. If it is her, Lord we have to hear about it for months and the tears for it.

I am missing Christmas parties, New Years parties, being around everyone and catching up. This is just a bummer.

Then I watched Little People on TLC last night and Mike died. That just made me bawl. To which dh thinks I am a crazy hysterical crying pregnant woman now.........

At least my furnace was an easy fix. We have an awesome breakfast and dinner for Christmas day. Dinner is being ordered in. :) It could always be worse. We could NOT have the money to fix the above things. We have money in savings and 0% interest credit cards. So things could always be worse.

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