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Re : BP creeping up 37 weeks - help!

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 638315 9:25 pm
by kara
D'oh, I wish I had advice for you to convince her. But alas, I doubt it would work. Some hospitals have pretty strict policies on delivery before 38.5 weeks unless there is justifiable reason to deliver. Maybe if you dipped a +1 that'd be enough. The best hope is that the bp doesn't go up much more, and just hangs out where it is.

I would be so anxious just waiting....


BP creeping up 37 weeks - help!

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 638315 7:44 pm
by adgirl
Last night and today my BP has been up into the 120s-130s/80s (or high 70s). I don't think I'm stressed about anything - I think it is just starting to go up as the pregnancy is ending.

Is it wrong for me to just want it over with already? I just wish my doc would go ahead and induce now before things get worse!

With my son, I was at 138/90 at 37 weeks and was put on bedrest. At 38 weeks, I was 154/96 and delivered that day. Then, postpartum, my BP actually went up to 202/115. I just really, really don't want to go through that again and feel like if we delivered now - maybe we could bypass all that.

It's just so disappointing b/c I thought I might make it all the way - I know it's not bad yet, just so close to where I was at 37 weeks last time. Like deja vu...

I have an appt with the doc today, but I feel that she'll want to just keep my induction at 12/8 (38w5d). Any ideas on how I could convince her otherwise?!?!

Thanks gals!