Modified Bed Rest 31 wks

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Modified Bed Rest 31 wks

Postby hevavahkema » Thu Apr 17, 2008 08:45 am

Hopefully taking it easy now can help prevent full-blown bedrest later! If you ever want to talk, I know a lot of us are here on bedrest, so feel free!

kelly w
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Re : Modified Bed Rest 31 wks

Postby kelly w » Thu Apr 17, 2008 06:47 am

I'm glad they are treating you carefully and taking things seriously!


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Re : Modified Bed Rest 31 wks

Postby mom2tori » Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:37 pm

You can never be too conservative with pe mommies. My docs mantra was always bedrest is not the enemy, bed rest is our friend! LOL! I am happy to hear that things are going so well for you and that the bedrest isn't a burden right now. Good luck with the NST and let us know how that goes.

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Re : Modified Bed Rest 31 wks

Postby kathyc » Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:11 pm

Welcome to "The Bedrest Club." We've got a Bedrest Buddies post going... so feel free to jump in with the rest of us. I'm glad your doc is being cautious and conservative. And it's great that you are doing so well at 31 weeks!! Keep us posted.

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Modified Bed Rest 31 wks

Postby mom2chloe » Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:00 pm

So my OB put tme on modified bed rest today!
I am a middle school math teacher, so I was getting worried that the days were too long and not being able to sit and relax when I felt I needed to were worrying me.

There is nothing "medically wrong". No high BP, no protein (not even trace today)- but the doc said given the severity of my last pregnancy it would not be too conservative to go out now. I start NST's next week too, so I am so happy with that decision.

What a relief! I know in a few weeks I will be twiddling my thumbs like everyone else on bedrest...but today I am counting my blessings!

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