My baby died

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Re : My baby died

Postby blythe » Wed Nov 17, 638286 2:56 pm

Oh no, Sabrina. I am so sorry. ((hugs))

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Re : My baby died

Postby bonnie » Wed Nov 17, 638286 1:16 pm

{Hugs} Sabrina. I am so sorry for your loss. Be easy on yourself. I know it is easier said than done.

Good luck tomorrow,

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Re : My baby died

Postby Guest » Wed Nov 17, 638286 1:02 pm

Hi Sabrina,

I had to do a double take when I read your headline! [:0] I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.

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Re : My baby died

Postby mada » Wed Nov 17, 638286 12:47 pm

I am extremely saddend to hear you lost your baby. I know how much it think you have passed that "scary"period of the first trimester and then you get hit with this. Give yourself plenty of time to grieve. I know how you feel not wanting to tell people and dealing with their just want to be....just be and get through it on your own time. It is an emotional rollercoaster of hormones for a while I will agree with that. When I had my last m/c and which was I was the furthest along with, I had terrible mood swings... so be patient and gentle with yourself. Sending you a big hug....Mada

emersons mom
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Re : My baby died

Postby emersons mom » Wed Nov 17, 638286 12:25 pm


wishing you much strength and peace.....i am so sorry to read this news......please know your family is in my thoughts!


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Re : My baby died

Postby amiejo » Wed Nov 17, 638286 12:24 pm

Sabrina-I am so very sorry. I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

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Re : My baby died

Postby hessburgs » Wed Nov 17, 638286 9:27 am

Sabrina-I am so sorry about your loss. When I saw your post I had a lump in my throat and tears just poured down my face. Please know you are not alone and we are all here for you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending thoughts of strength and peace.

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Re : My baby died

Postby katevans » Wed Nov 17, 638286 9:24 am

I am sorry for your loss Sabrina. You and your family are in my thoughts.

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Re : My baby died

Postby nikkismith2 » Wed Nov 17, 638286 8:02 am

I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re : My baby died

Postby shellbell » Wed Nov 17, 638286 7:57 am

Hi Sabrina,
I'm so sorry to hear your devastating news,our biggest fear has come true, I hope you have a lot of support around to comfort and love you. we maybe strangers but I feel your pain and I pray that you find Love peace and comfort in your time of need and remember it's not your fault.... (((HUGS))) to you

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