Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby heather100 » Wed Nov 14, 638001 12:15 pm

Wow... what a lot you are dealing with, Suzanne. I'm sorry for the loss of your two friends. I agree that holidays are so stressful sometimes.

Love the new pics!! And no one should look that good right after having a baby!!! ;)

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby mommy1st » Wed Nov 14, 638001 5:31 am

oh suzanne I am so sorry you have been through a lot lately. I too have been through a VERY stressful holiday drama that won't stop!!! Anyway's your newest addition looks great and so very cute:)) Thanks for sharing!

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby michelle_chandler » Tue Nov 13, 638001 7:43 pm

Oh my goodness've been through a lot here lately. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Benjamin - he's a cutie!!!

Take care of you, Michelle

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby caryn » Tue Nov 13, 638001 9:05 am

Suzanne, what a lot of upheaval and change. I'm sure you don't know how you're feeling from one minute to the next. I'm sorry to hear about your friends.

Benjamin is a handsome little guy, and so are Henry and Jonathan for that matter!

Take care.

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby celticepona » Tue Nov 13, 638001 6:26 am

I am sorry to hear your friend died. Hang in there ((hugs)) And yes, what beautiful kids you have.

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby aundapenner » Fri Nov 02, 638001 11:52 pm

I'm so sorry to hear of all the losses in your life. Such mixed blessings ...

Your family is beautiful. And my favorite pic is the one of you leaving the hospital -- how amazing to leave with him!!!


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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby heather j » Fri Nov 02, 638001 10:49 pm

Wow, what a wild few weeks; I'm sorry to hear about your friends, too. The boys (all three!) are just beautiful, and you look great!

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby sonja » Fri Nov 02, 638001 5:54 pm

What a cutie - you all look great. I am so sorry for your losses - it is never easy, but it seems harder at the holidays. I hope that things calm down for you and that you have a peaceful New Year.

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby mama2twins » Fri Nov 02, 638001 7:16 am

OMG Suzanne he is HUGE! What a cutie! You have a beautiful family! Your boys are ID? Not sure if I asked you that before, but they sure look ID!
So sorry about your friend. It sounds like a more stressful than usual holiday season for you and your family.
I have not had my alone day with all 3 yet...that will happen on Monday. Yikes I am scared but glad tho hear that it goes by fast!

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Re : Finally - more pictures of Benjamin

Postby kelly8sully » Fri Nov 02, 638001 6:59 am

Now I just looked at the photos! Cute baby! You look great! I hope I look that good after giving birth!

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