+2 Protein = Scared

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+2 Protein = Scared

Postby suzanne » Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:09 am

Well, just after my appt. today I was thinking it was my best OB appt. ever! My BP was very good (120/70), we heard the baby's heartbeat loud and clear, my AFP results were back and were very good, lowering the Downs Syndrome odds to 1 in 5000 from 1 in 114, and all seemed great. So I treated myself to a lunch out, and then checked my cell phone and there was a message. My dr. hadn't somehow gotten the info from the medical assistant that when she tested my urine at the beginning of the appt., the protein was +2. So she wanted me to come right back in for a urine culture and blood tests, which I did.

I am really feeling very scared about this, because I know +2 protein isn't good. It was +2 or +3 at the time of my 1st son's emergency birth, when it was thought for a while I would need dialysis. I know there are reasons, like urinary tract infections, that could cause this besides PE, but still... I had been sick earlier this week, with a stomach flu, and I know that could have to do with it too...so many things could, but I just wish I didn't even have to worry about it. I was thinking just after the appt---this is what a normal OB appt. must seem like. Just wanted to vent with you folks as I know you understand like no-one else out there would! Thanks! I will keep you updated when I know more.

Suzanne (38) and DH Tony (42) + William (9, severe PE, born at 32 weeks) and Freddy (6, fairly typical pregnancy) and Baby (due approx. 8/26/04!)

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