Bleeding at 12 weeks

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby paige_va » Sat May 06, 637684 9:59 am

We're thinking of you. Please let us know how it went this morning.

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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby hmoore » Sat May 06, 637684 1:33 am

Thinking of you. I will keep you in my prayers keep us posted. Many hugs!

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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby jen44 » Fri May 05, 637684 10:43 pm

Oh Kathy, I can imagine how frightened you are - we are all thinking of you, many prayers your way... let us know how it goes.

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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby sonja » Fri May 05, 637684 10:03 pm

Lots of ((((((((hugs))))))) and good thoughts your way. Thinking about you.


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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby heather j » Fri May 05, 637684 7:05 pm

Sending you lots of prayers and positive thoughts. Update when you can!

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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby jdsmom » Fri May 05, 637684 5:36 pm

Hey Kathy - Just thought I'd ask as I saw your post that you went to the OB yesterday, but did they did any internal testing (you know - the standard tests that require a pelvic exam)? My dr. told me that after those tests sometimes there is some light bleeding or spotting. I hope it's nothing for you; keep us posted on what you find out. Thinking of you.

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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby darcynulph » Fri May 05, 637684 4:27 pm

I will be thinking of you today. Hugs!!! I know how scary it is to go for the u/s.

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Re : Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby michelle_chandler » Fri May 05, 637684 1:30 pm

Ohh Kathy - how scary. Sending prayers your way. Keep us updated.

Take care, Michelle

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Bleeding at 12 weeks

Postby kathyc » Fri May 05, 637684 11:23 am

Woke up this morning with some bleeding. Not a lot, and it looked old. Having some cramps too. Going for an U/S at 8:30.

Ya'll keep us in your prayers, OK?

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