My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby tracym » Mon Nov 25, 637658 9:23 pm

I was never told anything about vitamins, but I was never told to refrigerate my jug. In fact, I did many while I was in the hospital and they never refrigerated it there either.

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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby hayesmama » Mon Nov 25, 637658 2:13 am

Thanks for all your replies--looks like I need to use some caution when I go to the lab with the vitamin and fridge inconsistencies. I will just double check with the dr when I find a conflict in instructions. He says I will be doing them every 2 weeks. It is a very small office, so the lab is just a one man job(but in a big hospital mind you). Another problem I had was that the dr wanted to draw blood when I dropped off the jug and they could not figure out what kind of testing he wanted (I said creatine clearance, but she said that was one on Fri)and unfortunately he was in emergency surgery. I just left the jug and went home.

Fiona--never thought about ice next to the toilet, thanks for the idea for night time---I ended up putting it in the garage fridge because dh didn't want it in the house fridge but brrrr it is cold in the garage at night (should've made him do it--why didn't I think of that!)

Can I ask another weird question? Do you keep track of your ounces? I found I went alot more at night, I was thinking it would be less. I have been having sharp lower left side pain the last week that wakes me up and makes me jump out of bed, wondering if I should cut out drinks after a certain time in the evening, maybe the pain is my overfilled bladder although I never wake up having to go really really bad. I get out of bed and lay with my chest on the bad standing up and sway my hips to help with the pain. Never had this before in my ohter pregnancies. Dh wonders if it is my ovary acting up again. Maybe it's just that I am older now than my other pgs or maybe I'm just getting a growth spurt.

Thanks again!

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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby fiona » Thu Nov 14, 637658 6:53 pm

I put it in a bucket of ice next to the loo: I'm not one of those clean freaks, but I couldn't bring myself to put it in the fridge.

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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby mom2tori » Thu Nov 14, 637658 6:26 pm

I was told to keep the urine in the fridge, never told to stop taking any of the vitamins. When I am going to gone during the 24hr test I put the jug in a bag of ice or ice packs which helps to keep it cool. I do the 24hr test every two weeks and have done that since I found out I was pregnant...I am 16 weeks now.

miranda childers
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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby miranda childers » Thu Nov 14, 637658 6:22 pm

I too was always told to keep the urine in the fridge. And I never stopped taking vitamins any time. I've only had 1 24-hour so far (I'm 24 weeks) and will have my 2nd at my 28 week check-up.

Good luck with the 24-hour results!!

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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby orrobbins » Thu Nov 14, 637658 4:12 pm

Same here. Refrigerate the urine, didn't stop taking vitamins. I've only had 2 24 hr urines so far (I'm 29 wks), but I expect more soon. And, they've always requested a creatinine clearance with each urine jug, so I've done bloodwork each time as well.

Don't worry about the van - you had to do what you had to do. Better that than having to start all over again b/c you missed a collection.

I hope all of the test results come back in your favor! Good luck!

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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby countrymom2e » Thu Nov 14, 637658 2:53 pm

I do refrigerate the urine when I'm collecting. I wasn't told to stop vitamins or supplements or make any other changes to my diet.

As far as going out, I'm on bedrest, LOL, so that's not a problem! When I did my first 24h I just tried not to go out during that period.

It's a 20 min drive for me to the lab, I don't worry about packing it in a cooler or anything, just stick the lovely bucket in the car.

I do 24h every 2 wks - I'm currently 32 wks pg. I've been doing bloodwork every week, not planned but that's just how it's worked out.

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Re : My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby lyndsey » Thu Nov 14, 637658 2:48 pm

Ive always been told to put it in the fridge or on ice in a cooler, but that it will be fine to make the trip to drop it off without being refrigerated. I was never told to stop taking vitamins...I wonder if anyone else has been told this...hmmm. Glad to hear your bloodwork was good and hopefully you'll have the same results with your 24 hr.

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My 27 wk appt 24 hr urine

Postby hayesmama » Thu Nov 14, 637658 12:20 pm

My appt went well on Fri. Baby measures good and my bp was its usual self, not great but not bad either. Did some bloodwork (lupus, anti somethingerother, platelets etc..where did I put that piece of paper...). Did my 24 hr urine on Sunday and turned in today. She already had my blood work back from Fri and siad everything looked okay, nothing on the high or low end. Just waiting on the 24 hr urine now. Do you guys fridge your urine or do you just leave it out, lab said it didn't need fridge at all during the 24 hr time frame. Dr said I could leave it out if I had to travel a short distance. Did you stop taking vitamins (the lab said this). I had to go sooo bad when I was at the mall picking up something that I just took care of things in the back of my 12 passenger van (please tell me I am not the only one who has done something like this...I was embarassed! lol!)

How often should I get a 24 hr urine?

Thank you all again for your support on this board, I really appreciate it.

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