back pain??

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Re : back pain??

Postby ileana » Tue Oct 01, 637652 2:05 pm

Hi Miranda,

Nice to have you here! I had something similar, and my doctor kept investigating that right side pain for about 6 weeks... after testing for everything, we finally concluded it was back pain and he asked me to do back streches and exercises. I looked up back exercises in pregnancy on the Internet and came up with a list. The pain subsided in about a week and came back when I stopped the exercises, so that was definitely it. I'll be happy to find those papers and give you the links to them if you are interested.

I was afraid to exercise because i was contracting, but it turned out that they did not cause contractions (as opposed to the elliptical)

I hope you'll get to the bottom of this soon! GL

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Re : back pain??

Postby thw75 » Tue Oct 01, 637652 1:47 pm

I would guess sciatica too -- sounds like what I am experiencing (and did w/ last pregnancy too)

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Re : back pain??

Postby denise » Tue Oct 01, 637652 11:31 am

Miranda, sorry to hear you are having this pain. Like Christine, I was thinking possibly sciatic or what about gallbladder?

How are you doing today?

christine lyn
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Re : back pain??

Postby christine lyn » Fri Sep 20, 637652 2:53 am

Hi there. Could your back pain be your sciatic nerve? That's VERY painful! I had that when pregnant and couldn't walk.

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Re : back pain??

Postby mom2tori » Wed Aug 28, 637652 10:04 am

Oh man back pain stinks! Sorry that you are having that. If it is something that is really worrying you then I would put a call into the ob and say that you are worried and what can be done to help you out. Thinking of you and hoping that the pain goes away

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Re : back pain??

Postby cassie05 » Wed Aug 28, 637652 7:50 am

I have a lot of lower back pain that increases a ton when Im pregnant because of where the babies are positioned, mine gets bad enough to have me in tears at times. In my last pregnancy I was given flexeril (a muscle relaxant) and tylonel to help decrease the pain. Ive had some right side pain but mine was thought to be an appendix issue but they still arent sure.

miranda childers
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back pain??

Postby miranda childers » Wed Aug 28, 637652 5:43 am

So I know I'm extremely paranoid and scared but I keep having lower back pain. I'm also having the side stabbing pain (mainly on my right side). I talked to the on-call Doc about that last night too and she didn't seem worried. I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this same back pain (almost like menstrual cramps but nothing in front.) Neither pain is severe but it's still there....

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