Mag - Sulfate experiences

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby emily_985 » Thu Dec 30, 637649 4:36 pm

I was given magnesium sulfate. I'm not sure for how long or any specifics. I do remember that I couldn't focus on anything- kinda like I had double vision a little. And I was really out of it- not sure if that was because of the painkillers or what. I'm sure it has more to do with the mag.

That's all I can remember right now! Welcome Stacey [:D]

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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby tracym » Thu Dec 30, 637649 3:50 pm

No mag with first delivery, bp's sort of stable at 140/90 on lots of meds.

No mag until 18hrs after my second delivery, bp's were stable but they were concerned about my very twitchy reflexes. The nurse in the HDU who was to administer it was very confused as to why I was getting it when my pressures were stable at the time (150/100). The dr explained it was because I was at risk of seizure, not to bring down my pressures.

heather h
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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby heather h » Sun Dec 19, 637649 2:50 am

I dont have any experience on Mag - but wanted to throw in my WELCOME & CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby lizzybeth » Fri Nov 26, 637649 4:29 am

Howdy Hoya and Stacy!

Wow, two newbies in one post!

I have never had severe BP issues until after delivery, and mag only to stop preterm labor.

Anyway, wanted to pop by and welcome you both to the forums.
Welcome Aboard

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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby akemt » Fri Nov 26, 637649 1:30 am

I just wanted to add a "WELCOME STACY!"

And I LOVE the name Mallory!

stacey louis
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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby stacey louis » Thu Nov 25, 637649 11:30 am

I've never posted before, but here is a the quick version of my experience. I had to be put on mag afer the delivery of my third child. My first and second pregnany/delivery were textbook perfect. With my third pregnancy I developed PE at 35 weeks 5 days. This happened overnight because I had just been to my doc. appt. the day before and BP was normal. When I first took my BP is was around 180/115. When I went in to have it checked it was around 150/95, at rest. My protein was at a +1. The blood work showed my kidney function was normal but my liver enzymes were eleveted.

They informed my that it would be wise to induce (something new to me because I was not induced with my other two) due to the risk that PE can go from bad to worse very quickly. They also wanted to put me on a mag drip and I refused. Although, reluctantly, I gave permission and they went ahead with the induction. Our son, Evan, was born 12 hours later. Despite his small stature at 4 lbs. 11 oz. 18 inches, he was perfectly pink and healthy and spent no time in the NICU. Thank GOD!

It wasn't until 14 hours AFTER delivery, when my BP still remained elevated, that they gave me little choice but to go on a mag drip. It was as horrible as I predicted. They finally took it out after about 15+ hours. After 3 months on meds my BP is now totally normal.

I sympathize with the women who have to be on it for extended periods of time. My heart goes out to you.

So, to answer your question about being able to deliver WITHOUT the use of mag, even with somewhat elevated BP's and/or proteins, YES I was that person. The bottom line is don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. Ask lots of questions and demand explanations.

Good Luck,
Stacey (36)

Colin 6 (full term, 1 week late, no PE)
Mallory 3 (full term, 1 day late, no PE)
Evan 1 year on 1/23/06 (35.5 wks, PE)

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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby jenchar » Thu Nov 25, 637649 9:48 am

With DD#1, my BP was up to 220/180. Holy moly! +6 protein.

With DD#2, my BP was 220/140, can't exactly recall since mag was on board. In fact, I told them not to tell me anymore since everytime they told me, it would spike higher. I had +6 protein again.

My doctor said my photosensitivity was what really concerned him...he was very concerned I'd be eclamptic.

It is strange how different doctors proceed with medical care.


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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby arene » Thu Nov 25, 637649 9:21 am

I was on mag for 4 days with my dd, and told by ob that I didn't want it with my son if it could be avoided at all. He held off until my diastolic was 108. He said above 105 and he had to. I don't know if that was his guideline, or the hospital, or what. Anyway, I was not on it but for 24 hrs., and seemed not to be as affected by it that time (maybe because of the shorter duration).
The mag is terrible, for sure, but maybe a necessary evil for you?
Anyway, best of luck!

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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby bookworm » Thu Nov 25, 637649 12:34 am

I too am hoping so very much that I will not have mag this time around. Last time, my bp was only 125-130/85, but that's high for me, and I was spilling 750 mg protein. My OB said the big thing was that my creatinine clearance was scary low and she was really worried about my kidneys. It was an awful experience for me, and caused fluid accumulation in my lungs that took quite a while to clear. I will never forget lying in the hospital bed the morning after my c/s, exhausted but terrified to go to sleep. My breathing rate was incredibly slow (symptom of mag toxicity) and in my confused state, I was convinced that if I fell asleep and wasn't concentrating on breathing, I would just stop breathing and die.

The OB has not given me any hard-and-fast guidelines about when she'd give me mag again, and I haven't asked. I'm sure it will depend on kidney function, not just bp, but I think there's so much gut feeling involved in some of these decisions that I haven't seen the point in trying to pin her down at this point.

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Re : Mag - Sulfate experiences

Postby cdingmama » Thu Nov 25, 637649 12:18 am

I had mag with my 1st son. With my 2nd I was 35 weeks 6 days and had protein and BP in the 140's/high 80's-90's. We took the baby by c-section 2 days later and I did not have to be on mag.

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