more babies?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : more babies?

Postby missgamecock » Wed Sep 29, 637649 9:49 am

Ya know it was so funny. I declared to anyone who would listen while I was pregnant that I was NOT doing this again. Saw my ob a week after I had her and told him I was doing it again (which is funny because during delivery, I told dh if he wanted a boy he better hire a surrogate!). I am still sticking with it. I would walk through fire again and again to get either one of my girls (and did both times). I have never had a csection, only been threatened that if I didn't deliver that day they were going to give me one.

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Re : more babies?

Postby damsel » Wed Sep 29, 637649 8:17 am

I will have 1 more after this one. I look at my dd and the hard pregnancy I had with her and I know she was worth all of it. I have never had a c-section so I have no advice on that sorry.

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Re : more babies?

Postby mom2tori » Wed Sep 29, 637649 4:38 am

Having a baby after pe is always a huge decision, I think that it is something that you, you dh and your ob should discuss in depth before deciding. I think if it something that in your hearts you want then go for it-if you are not able to say absolutely this is what we want then I would wait awhile and look at it again later on. Because this is such a personal issue there really isn't much anyone can say to help you decide. I wish all sorts of luck with the decision though.

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Re : more babies?

Postby eliz » Tue Sep 28, 637649 11:53 pm

Has your PE been the same all three times, trending towards becoming less severe with each, or trending towards becoming more severe? I've had some OBs say there is no pattern with PE, but others have suggested that it tends to get better with each pregnancy, but that in certain people, each subsequent pregnancy is worse than the previous. Not that it would be a complete determiner, but if you've been getting less severe over time, maybe it would be easier to think about more (pending the c-section issue).

Good luck with number three first!

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Re : more babies?

Postby heather h » Tue Sep 28, 637649 6:45 am

Maybe once your next little one is here, the decision will be a little easier for you and DH. I myself have never had a C section so I give any advice in that area.. sorry. I know there are lots of women on here though who have, hopefully they'll chime in soon.

Best of luck to you with whatever decision you make!

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more babies?

Postby arene » Tue Sep 28, 637649 5:51 am

I am sure this is probably too early to be thinking about this, but we are considering whether or not to have other children. I say too early because my due date is 2/15, but I am already pondering. I homeschool my children and know a lot of large family units, but they all seem to have homebirths or ,at the least, uncomplicated pregnancies. I would love other kids, but does it make sense? I am pregnant for the 3rd time, pe three times, will have had 3 c-sections. Has anyone with 3 c-sections and pe times three decided to have more babies, or is just the thought crazy?

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