New Aussie looking for locals and ADVICE...

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Re : New Aussie looking for locals and ADVICE...

Postby wdersley » Tue Apr 22, 2008 10:25 pm

Hi - just founf this forum after a few months of looking and responding in the others. I live in Sydney and am now pregnant with my third due to an accident of the mini pill whilst waiting for a sterilisation to be done. Had PE twice with other two pregnancies both born by emergency c section in the UK. We moved out here three years ago and never dreamed of going through this again. You are right not many women in Aus have even heard of PE which amazes me! Doctors are very cautious though and really panicky about it. They are giving me kittens - Iam 24 weeks with the initial symptoms and they are so scared to let me do anything. In the UK it is quite the opposite they monitor every day or so and at home with MW but don't get you all frieked out over the risk. I am happier they are a little more concerned but would like them to not treat me as if I am going to die tomorrow every this early on as it does nothing for my stress levels! If you would like to chat to someone please reply and I will email you. Sorry you had such a raw first time - I was also in ICU for a few days after my second - scary stuff but there is life after PE and now you are one up on the rest of Australia - you know about PE!!

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New Aussie looking for locals and ADVICE...

Postby shellbell » Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:18 am

Hi Everyone ,

This site is all new to me. I have a 2yr old daughter that I had Preeclampsia then Eclampsia with I ended up in ICU on the verge of a brain hamarige after her birth by emergency c/section.
Would love another Baby but Scared at the same time. I put on 40kilos and was loosing 1 ltr of urine an hour all up I lost 10kg in 24hrs while in ICU, sound's extreme I know,I had 9+ protein in my urine the day she was born when put in ICU i was given hours to live.But here we are today to share our story with others ...[:D]
I would love to organize a local group but not sure how many are using this sight from Australia.I feel at anti-natal classes someone needs to touch the topic as my midwife was a bit scared to talk about it .I think maybe awareness needs to be told about support groups as this one and
i think local hospitals need to be told bout the mouse pads and coffee cups they should support the foundation also hand out a sticker and broacher at class.Also maybe also going to talk to other family's in hospital about to face the same thing might be nice to have a bit of support from someone that has lived it not just read it.. what are your thoughts about this.. local fundraising would be good also. An artical in the local paper would be nice as I have never Head of the condition mentioned so it realy is in the dark. I know there is one ad on tv at the moment mentioning the symptoms which puts a smile to my face that it is starting to be talked about what do you think and is it possible to help this foundation all the way from Australia [:D]

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