Australians, where are you?

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby shellbell » Sun Oct 24, 638286 12:43 am

Hi girl,
I am in QLD and would love to chat with you about or experiences.
My daughter is 2yrs and I had server preeclampsia that went to Eclampsia and ended up in ICU .I Would really love another baby but I guess I'm Scared and Really Confused..

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby cooper » Mon Oct 18, 637655 12:35 pm

Hi Sandyr I had that your PG is going well and you and your little one are doing ok.

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby sandyr » Wed Oct 13, 637047 4:59 am

I am from QLD and would love to chat too!

Sandy (Australia)
Mum to
Piper Born at 26 weeks. 7th Jan 04. Passed on 22nd Jan 04. (chronic hypertension, PE, Severe IUGR).

PG #2 Due 3rd April 05

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby mindabub » Tue Jul 09, 637044 8:31 pm

hi i m from sydney and would loved to talk to hellp survivors as i m one of them to

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Re : Australians, where are you?

Postby mylilangel » Thu Apr 06, 636705 10:13 pm

hi madcow! i'm a qlder and would love to talk to you. i had preeclampsia and hellp syndrome with my first preg, she was born at 33 weeks. i'm now preg again, 28 weeks and counting.

wait to hear from you. [:)]

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Australians, where are you?

Postby madcow » Fri Aug 29, 636702 5:36 pm

Just thought I'd say that I would be delighted to converse with any Australian or Kiwi Mums with past experiences of Pre eclampsia. Recently remarried and reconsidering the risks. (It's also been a while, so you tend to forget the dramas of it all).

Danyelle age 31
Andrew age 31
Jack 28/9/96 born 29 weeks, now 6.

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