Second time around

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Re : Second time around

Postby momtoaanda » Wed May 17, 2006 11:40 am

Another factor is if you have a family history of PE. My mother never had it, but my aunt had it with all 4 pregnancies (but all babies were born healthy, in the 34-36 week range). So I'm pretty sure I'll develop it to some degree in this pregnancy, likely worse than my daughter (where I only had a slight bp rise and a tiny bit of protein), but hopefully not as bad a my son (because I know better what to look for, and will catch it earlier, like maybe now...). I've also been very lucky that I haven't had it really badly, or had serious complications, so it was an easier decision for me...

Were you monitored very carefully with your son? Did the PE develop rapidly or slowly - being prepared can help becuase you'll keep a careful eye on your bp, and know when/if you start to develop symptoms.

Good luck.

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Re : Second time around

Postby fiona » Sat Apr 29, 2006 02:51 pm

Hi Diana and welcome.

It is true that statistically, first pregnancies are at higher risk for pe. However, the degree and gestation you developed pe also plays a part: see our experts on the risks here:

A preconception appointment with a high risk OB would be a positive step in your situation, I believe.

Having said all that, it took me 6 years to try again after two bouts of severe pe, so I completely understand your dilemma.

Good luck with your decision.

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Re : Second time around

Postby dohertyab » Thu Apr 27, 2006 02:38 pm

Hi Diana,

I had HELLP with my twins and it took 2 years before I was ready to think about trying again. I did get several tests done to have a better understanding of my risks. In Ontario anyway, you can see a high risk specialist for a pre-pregnancy consultation by getting a referral from your GP. The specialist took lots of blood and ran a whack of tests. Everything came back negative and his comment was that I was low-risk of the high risk group, but the risk was mine so the decision was mine. He did indicate that they would watch me closely. They did watch closely and I had a 2 pregnancy which did not end with HELLP. I did end up being induced but at 36 weeks and had a 6lb2oz baby with no NICU time!

I would suggest getting as much info as you can on what happened the first time and then see a specialist so you can make an educated decision. Good luck to you

Tara and Rowan (29 weekers, now 5 and healthy)
Maeve (36 weeker, now 1 and healthy)

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Re : Second time around

Postby tracey » Fri Apr 21, 2006 01:04 pm

I just sent you an email!

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Re : Second time around

Postby pmtt » Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:21 am

I had PE with my girls and not with my it can be a normal pregnancy!

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Re : Second time around

Postby missgamecock » Thu Apr 20, 2006 09:02 pm

There are a lot of ladies here who have had an emergency csection. I think it depends on the cut you got, classical vs. bikini (not sure as I have never had a csection, only threatened with them).

As far as having another. That is totally up to you. It is a very hard decision to make. For some, they will tell you no way, no how, no where. Others dive right back in determined to beat it. The best advice I can give is to find a darn good ob or peri (my insurance requires a referral from the ob) that you would trust with your life! I would also discuss everything with the dr and be tested for underlying disorders.

For me, I had to be convinced by my dh for my second (and I don't regret it either). I was terrified. Took me 5 years to be convinced. I just jumped into it because I was afraid a dr would tell me no. I had no idea who to even see. I got pregnant quick and immediately panicked. Called my pcp and they referred me to the group I see now (ob and two midwives). When I called to make the appt, I interrogated them over their ability to handle pe. I was assured that they could. First two appts were with the midwives at 5 and 9 weeks. I was then referred to the ob in the group because bp was high and the pe thing. That was the best decision because I liked him more than the midwives. Nothing against them, but we were all more comfortable with me seeing him.

I had trouble the entire time, was sick all the time, and was on modified bedrest most of the pregnancy and then strict bedrest for the last month. He kept his promise of not transferring me, but threatened quite often. He also kept his promise of not using mag unless necessary. He didn't panic, which was what I needed when things got hot. He saw me every two weeks to 26 weeks then every week till I delivered at 35. I had blood work, US, NST, BPP, and 24 hr urine done on a regular basis> he did all of this with just a hospital discharge sheet from my 1st in french that had severe pe at 35 1/2 weeks, delivered at 36 weeks. My first was born in Belgium. We didn't get her records till 6 months after I had Sara. We have had many conversations about another pregnancy. PCP says I am nuts and called him to ask if it was ok because she was really concerned. Peri and ob say it is ok but be prepared to be monitored and be treated more aggressively and go on bedrest. That's just me though.

There are many women that go on and have normal pregnancies. Then there are those of us who have trouble in a second one. Even though I had trouble in the second I am going for a third next year. Why? I have drs that I trust and know will do the right thing. They have explained everything to me. I am making contingency plans. Make sure you get in with a doc who can explain your options to you. Good luck.

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Second time around

Postby niki11 » Thu Apr 20, 2006 02:54 pm

Hello everyone,

I have been reading on this subject for a while now and I feel a bit frustrated. I still don't know what to do. Should I have another baby or not? How can I make such a decision? Do I really want to risk my life and my baby's? Normally I am a risk taker but this is too much!!!
Most ladies say they went though the same thing the second time around although my doctor says chances are slim. He said it usually happens to first pregnancies.

My son was born 1 year ago by emergency c-section at 33 weeks. He was 3 lbs. He was in NICU for 2 months, hooked up to all kinds of tubes. It was not even possible for me to hold him. It was awful! He was poked by needles everyday and it tore me up. I was a wreck. I cried all day as all I could do is sit there and watch him sleep.
He is 1 now and I thank God everyday that he is ok and that he is perfectly healthy. He hasn't even had a cold yet can you imagine? :)

So now we are thinking to have another. This is the most difficult decision I ever had to make.

I just discovered this site today. I find it very helpful. Good luck to everyone out there who is having babies and congrats to those who have them already.

All the best,

PS> Does anyone know what is the procedure for 2nd c-section? Do they use the same cut or make another?

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