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Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 11:55 pm
by missgamecock
Thank you! Just to let you know with Sara, which was PIH, I kept calling my ob he was SICK of me. He didn't tell me that but I am sure he shook his head when he saw my number pop up on his pager. Saw him on Thursday, called him on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Same advice, increase meds, ice pack for head, Tylenol, and don't move a muscle. Called him on Monday. They brought me in for a NST. She was fine, go home do the above and don't move a muscle till that peri appt. Went to peri the next day, Sara had decels and I looked really sick. Sent to the hospital for an emergency induction. No ripening or nothing, just straight pit that was increased every 15 minutes till I delivered. If the pit had not of been effective, emergency csection.

With my first I had periods where I didn't feel good, ex. at 34 weeks I thought I had the stomach flu. Dr misdiagnosed me and said I had indigestion. Gave me malox mixed with Lidocaine and sent me on my way. Miltary drs were having a fit because I had gained 20+ pounds in a month, was swollen, had high bp, protein in the urine, headaches, and vision problems. I chalked it up to normal pregnancy stuff, they were saying PE. I was like so what if I have a little protein and stuff. Anyway, went in for an appt with my ob, she admitted me for observation. She then LEFT and went on vacation and never checked on me. I spent my time being passed around between the oncall docs. No one was telling me anything. I was supposed to be there for observation and be out on Monday. I already had a 2 day old baby by then.

The second day I was there a dr that could speak english came in and said we are terminating this pregnancy. WHAT?????? The liasion called and said I had very high bp, high protein, high liver enzymes and that my blood tests were extremely bad. But I didn't feel so bad. They moved me immediately to a L&D room and then started to try and ripen the cervix. Dh left at 9pm. At 12:00 am I had a really really bad headache and hit the call button and asked for Tylenol. Next thing I knew nurses, drs, and midwives came flying into my room. They started doing neuro checks, reflex checks, drawing blood, etc. They all left the room for a minute and then came back in and said I was very sick and that I needed another iv line put in. I already had one so this would be one in each arm. This was for more meds and the mag. Then they told me I would have to have an epidural before labor started. Cool!!!

I had checks throughout the night, nothing going on with my cervix. Like FT. Knox. Then they decided that I could not have a csection because I would hemmorage or have a seizure/stroke on the table. They could only do the csection if I crashed further or the baby became distressed. Kirsten was fine the entire time, it was me who was ill. Anyway they tried one last thing which was excruciating and I will never ever agree to again (manual ripening). That worked. They gave the epidural before they started the labor. Then Kirsten was born 7 hours later. I stayed on mag for two days after that. So it can come on very quickly and seriously and you need to stay on top of your symptoms. Oh, no mag with Sara thank goodness. But I would have gotten it if I had protein on the day that I delivered per my ob whether I liked it or not.

Let us know how it goes...

Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 11:33 pm
by alessels
Hi Girls,

As I keep on thinking about this.
I will take your advise and go back to the hospital.
Assuming I will be home tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes.



Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 11:14 pm
by alessels
Hi Jennifer and Sabrina,

Thanks for responding.
I feel like I have been at the hospital way too many times and they keep telling me that I am fine.
Before Thursday I was there on Sunday again because of the headaches, then the Monday prior to that because my swelling was dramatic.
I am sure you know how frustrating it is when you feel like crap and they keep telling that you are fine and you just need to stay off your feet.
They told me that because I only have traces of protein in my urine, blood work came back fine and my blood pressure does go down with bed rest, then I am fine.

Can you please share your stories with me?
I am so new to this.

Thanks again,


Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 10:43 pm
by jen44
Hi Adri,

I'm in Vancouver. Welcome! I second what Sabrina says. With the symptoms you mention having so far, it can go from fine to EMERGENCY within a few hours and many women complain of just what you say in that "I just don't feel good" and it can be serious. I think you need to get in to get checked just to be sure. Please update soon! I'll be thinking of you...


Re : Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 10:17 pm
by missgamecock
Please go to the hospital. I know sitting around for 5 hours is a lot, btdt myself many times! However, it is better if something bad is coming on. My pe played hide and seek from 24 weeks on. Then I got admitted at 35 1/2 weeks. My dh left at 9pm and I was fine. By 12:30 am I was deathly ill. Your symptoms really concern me and it is better to get checked out then to mourning a baby. Not trying to scare you here, but you really need to go.

Another new and confused Canadian

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 09:26 pm
by alessels
Hello Girls,

I live in Calgary, AB.
I am 34 weeks with our first whom is due on April 6th.

My last visits was awful, blood pressure was 150/97, then 140/93, swelling has been dramatic, lots of headaches, blurred vision, traces of protein in the urine, extremely fatigue as well.
Doc sent me to get some blood work done immediately at Labor and Delivery, blood work came back fine, after lying down for 3 hours my blood pressure went down, then they sent me home.

I am at home, but I don't feel good, I don't want to go to the hospital again because they will keep me there for 5 hours, then send me home again.
What could be possibly happening? I can't even see my ankle bones, I am so puffy.

Anyone has any experience with this?

Thanks for listening, I was hopping to find a Canadian group here.