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Re: birth certificate

Postby rosalinda » Sat Jan 05, 639247 6:08 am

I live in California, and we had one for Elissa. It is a certificate of stillbirth.
You might want to check with the county recorder where you live.
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Re: birth certificate

Postby rebecca2 » Sat Oct 06, 639246 12:20 am

It depends on where Alex was born. Some states do offer birth certificates for stillborn babies. Here in VA there is an application specifically for stillbirths that parents can use to get the certificate.
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Re: birth certificate

Postby uncskristy » Sun Sep 23, 639246 10:05 am

Unfortunately, I don't think so. I think only the hospital can file one.

This may sound weird but maybe you can get a couple of baby announcements printed. I got a few after I had Cooper. One that is framed and proudly displayed on the wall beside his big brother's, One for his memory book and one for each set of his grandparents. Plus, baby annoucement is much cuter than a birth certificate and you can choose the wording.
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birth certificate

Postby dolphincrazy316 » Wed Sep 12, 639246 9:41 pm

Hi everybody! Ive been thinking a lot lately about a birth certificate for Alex...Is it possible to get one for a baby that was stillborn? I mean in my eyes he WAS born! Does anybody know about this? Thanks!!
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