prenatal care not good enough

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby brandi101 » Wed Oct 23, 638920 11:13 pm

im am so sorry for ur loss i was 27 weeks when i went to l and d for contractions and they couldnt find her heartbeat i kept tellin the docs something was wrong the whole time i didnt even know i had pre e til my peri told me when i saw him for this preg

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby kbunsey » Sat Aug 24, 638920 2:45 pm

Hi Kimberly, I am very sorry for your loss. Preeclampsia is a horrible disease. Take care of yourself.

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby babyalfie22.12.09 » Tue Aug 13, 638920 4:53 pm

Thank you everyone for all your amazing support and your time spent replying to me.
Im so sorry for all of you that has been hit with this horrible disease and for all of you that have angel babies. Thank you Kimberely.

Mummy to Alfie-James Paris Stillborn 22/12/09
Sweet dreams my precios little * xxxxxxx

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby raspbeari » Wed Jul 10, 638920 1:42 pm

Hi Kimberley, (It's me Barb , your facebook friend)
I was so happy to see you come post over here, so many women at this site understand the pain and grief of losing a baby -unfortunately : (
I'm sorry of all you went through,
thinking of you

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby shierman » Fri Jun 28, 638920 3:46 pm

I am so sorry to hear about your precious Alfie-James. PE is a horrible disease and has taken many of our children. I hope that you find comfort in the fact that you are not alone and that we are here for you as you grieve.

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby brianned5 » Fri Jun 28, 638920 1:22 pm

I'm so sorry for your loss. I delivered my first daughter at 25 weeks due to severe preeclampsia and hellp syndrome. She died 10 days after birth. I went to my 23 week appointment, told my doctor I thought I had PE, that my mom had PE very early with me. He told me no I didn't it was too early. I almost died and my precious daughter paid with her life. You will find a lot of support here from a lot of women who have experienced the same thing. Again, I'm so sorry.

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby jules2 » Fri Jun 28, 638920 12:22 pm

Dear Kimberley,

I am from the UK. I am so sorry to read about what happened - you should have been given high risk care (at least seen an OB who specialises in PE) early in pregnancy because of your family history of PE. Its possible that you would have benefited from low dose aspirin, for example.

If that did not happen, and you only saw a midwife, you were not treated appropriately and you probably have grounds for an NHS complaint, or even legal action if you want to pursue that [if you do I suggest you write no more about this on a "public forum" like this one].

It won't bring Alfie back of course, but I would definitely complain to the NHS if that had happened to me


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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby annes » Mon Jun 17, 638920 5:41 pm

Kimberley, I am so sorry about the loss of your precious boy. It is so horrible to lose a child. Take care of yourself.

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby angieb » Mon Jun 17, 638920 7:23 am

I'm very sorry for your loss.

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Re : prenatal care not good enough

Postby rosemary » Thu Jun 06, 638920 9:45 pm

Kimberely, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Alfie-James. It seems hard to imagine, even when we are out own best advocates, that the unthinkable can still happen. It's heartbreaking and so frustrating. Do you have an option to seek out a specialist? We do have a few ladies on the boards from the UK, perhaps they can help you with that matter. Please feel free to post here and ask questions much as you are comfortable with. You have found a bunch that really do understand. Please take care.

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