Our Angel Baby

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby bkanglin » Sat Apr 18, 638635 7:58 am

I just wanted to thank everyone for the support and birthday wishes for Logan!

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby jjones1333 » Mon Apr 06, 638635 1:55 am

What a great way to celebrate Logan's birthday. Happy Birthday

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby beth11 » Thu Mar 26, 638635 1:11 am

Sounds like a beautiful day.

We get a boy and a girl off the Angel Tree in memory of our babies too :) We haven't had luck matching up the ages, but it's okay. It makes me smile to think of taking future children on this shopping trip and having them know why we're doing it.

Thinking of you.

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby love_the_daschies » Wed Mar 25, 638635 10:35 pm

Happy Birthday to Logan! What a wonderful tribute!!!

On a side note: I told the hubby I do want to buy toys for little boys you are the same age Vincent would be for future Christmas'. I am not ready to do it this year - nor allowed to really since being on bed rest - but I really want to do this for future years :)

Hugs to you and hoping you had a peaceful day.

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby jsu_work » Sun Mar 15, 638635 11:05 pm

Happy birthday Logan :)
Hugz to you Bonnie

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby rosemary » Sat Mar 14, 638635 5:11 pm

Bonnie...many warm thoughts are with you and your precious Logan. Wishing you peace.

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby annes » Sat Mar 14, 638635 3:43 am

What a wonderful way to spend such a hard day! HUGS to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby angieb » Tue Mar 03, 638635 4:05 am


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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby wrennie » Tue Mar 03, 638635 1:25 am

What a beautiful tribute to Logan, sending you hugs and peace this holiday season!

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Re : Our Angel Baby

Postby rebecca2 » Mon Mar 02, 638635 11:47 pm


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