Maternity Clothes

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby love_the_daschies » Thu Feb 11, 638613 7:48 pm

thanks for the replies. I am going to hold on to them for a while. I saved some sentimental pieces in my hope chest - the rest will be in the basement for a bit. Thanks again

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby suleaf » Sun Jan 31, 638613 3:42 am

I kept mine.... I hid them but kept them. But most of mine were summer and this time I was pregnant in the fall and winter... so I needed different clothes anyway. I still find that almost two years later... they still make me sad. Whatever you decide is best for you. Sadly all of this is so hard and painful with no clear answer.

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby neslo » Sat Jan 30, 638613 5:05 am

You should do what is right for you. In my case I kept one outfit but got rid of all the rest. Most of it I had never even gotten to wear - but there was no way I would have been able to wear it again for a different pregnancy.

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby wrennie » Thu Jan 07, 638613 1:20 pm

I agree, do what feels best. I kept mine. I ended up losing 50lbs after losing Elodie. WOrking out became my mission, my fix to get me through the pain. When I got preggers again, I showed much later. I didnt wear much of the old stuff anyways. Definitely not the clothes that I was wearing the day she passed, although I wasnt able to get rid of those either. I dont think I ever will, but I wont ever wear them either!

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby annes » Thu Jan 07, 638613 2:40 am

HUGS. Do what you feel is right, you can always get new clothes. I lost a lot of weight between pregnancies, so I needed new clothes anyway. Take care of yourself.

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby brianned5 » Wed Jan 06, 638613 7:38 am

I kept mine, but put them up and bought all new for this pregnancy. The clothes I wore to the hospital when I went in and all the outfits I wore when Kylie was at the hospital and the day she died were put up without being washed. Some have breastmilk stains and one is the only outfit I got to hold her in, so these are all reminders of her for me and her time on earth. It's strange because I'll never wear them again but I won't get rid of them either. This is what felt right to me, whatever feels right to you is what is best.

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby missgamecock » Tue Jan 05, 638613 1:40 pm

I lost my baby at 13 1/2 weeks but was well into maternity clothes because I started showing early at 7 weeks. I kept mine, but put them out of my sight. Putting them away was hard. If it hadn't of been so hard to find the jeans and dresses that fit me right, I probably would have given mine away. I knew I was going to ttc again asap. I couldn't stand to look at them. This last time I didn't really pop till 27 weeks. It was hard to pull them out when I did need them because Peyton was going to be our last. With Cate, I showed late. At 25 weeks, you could not tell I was pregnant.

I agree if you are going to give them away, give them to a shelter. That way some good use comes out of it. We have a place that gives low income moms things that they need for a baby.

Only you know what feels right and follow your heart.

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby kara » Sun Dec 27, 638612 10:03 am

If you do decide to get rid of them, perhaps donating them to a battered woman's shelter or some similar type of charity might be a nice way to part with them. Do whatever feels right to you.

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby darateacher » Sun Dec 27, 638612 8:13 am

I held onto mine, knowing we'd be trying again within several months. I was hurting big time after I lost Aaron...before I was ready to TTC again, I had DH hide all of my maternity clothes so I wouldn't be reminded of the pain.

Donating sounds like a good plan, if you're sure you're done. But, I'd keep a few items if I were you...the ones that have sentimental value.

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Re : Maternity Clothes

Postby laura » Sat Dec 26, 638612 8:08 pm

If you're having a hard time deciding if you want to keep them- I know that I kept mine between pregnancies, and by the time I got pregnant again, they had super cute newer stuff that I wanted to get. I'm thinking of you!

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