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Re : Family

Postby suleaf » Tue May 25, 638315 9:45 pm

Brianne- I took a long break from holidays and family after I lost my little girl. It's hard enough but sometimes taking a break from unsupportive family is the best thing for you.....

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Re : Family

Postby rosemary » Thu Apr 22, 638315 5:55 am

Brianne - I am sorry that you have to deal with this situation at all. As Lisa said, the holidays can be rough so if you need to distance yourself to help you through, then do what is best for you. Lots of hugs - and wishing you peace.

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Re : Family

Postby lisainnj » Wed Apr 21, 638315 11:15 am

I'm sorry, Brianne. No one should act like that. I hope people like her learn compassion, but God forbid, not the hard way.

Take care of yourself and suuround yourself with people who understand. Holidays can be rough.(((hugs)))

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Re : Family

Postby annes » Wed Apr 21, 638315 1:30 am

What a hard situation for you to be in! Some people are so into themselves that they forget everyone else around them, and pregnancy can bring out the worst in those people, because everyone is telling them to focus on themselves! They get permission to be even more self-involved! I think giving yourself a break for the holidays is a great decision, the holidays will be hard, but at least you are controlling the circumstances and not subjecting yourself to situations you know will be hurtful. Take care of yourself.

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Postby brianned5 » Tue Apr 20, 638315 11:42 pm

We should find out within the next couple of weeks or so if my cousin will be having a boy or a girl. I just feel like it will be so much harder on us if she has a girl. Kylie was the first girl in the family in over 12 years, everyone was so excited to get a little girl, and thinking about seeing a baby girl doing all the things Kylie never will is making me crazy. It just makes everything worse that she got pregnant a week after Kylie died, and then kept gloating about being pregnant. I would have shown her so much more compassion than she did me. I think she feels satisfaction that my life was crushed. It seems to make her feel better about her own life. It's not something I can control, so you'd think I'd just stop worrying about it. Not me though. Sometimes I feel sorry for her, but today I feel sorry for myself. We're not going to the family holidays because I can't bare to be around her. At Christmas she will be the same gestation as I was when I had Kylie. She has a better baby carrying body, what can I say.

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