It only gets better...

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Re : It only gets better...

Postby debbie78 » Sat Nov 21, 638314 3:52 pm

I'm so, so sorry to hear this.

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Re : It only gets better...

Postby aundapenner » Sat Nov 21, 638314 2:30 pm

Donna, I am so sorry to hear your news.

(((hugs))) and prayers for you and your family.

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Re : It only gets better...

Postby annes » Sat Nov 21, 638314 12:54 pm

I am so sorry to hear about this. My thought are with you and your family.

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Re : It only gets better...

Postby amanda » Sat Nov 21, 638314 12:30 pm

Oh Donna - that is so sad. How far along was your DH's cousin?

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Re : It only gets better...

Postby jsu_work » Fri Nov 20, 638314 10:10 pm

That is hard. I'm so sorry.

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Re : It only gets better...

Postby lisainnj » Wed Nov 11, 638314 4:45 pm

I'm sorry.

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Re : It only gets better...

Postby rosemary » Wed Nov 11, 638314 7:32 am

Donna, I am so sorry. Keeping you and your family close in thought and prayer.

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It only gets better...

Postby neslo » Wed Nov 11, 638314 5:28 am

So this is officially a really bad day...

We just found out that DH's cousin and his wife lost their baby today. We don't have any details yet - just that she went in for a regualr appointment and found that there wasn't a heartbeat.

They just has a baby shower for her this past weekend.

My heart is breaking for both of them. It's just so hard being on this side knowing what lays ahead for them.

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