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Re : Suggestions...

Postby lisad » Sat Dec 23, 638311 8:10 pm

A family member got me a wonderful book "The Exact Replica of a Figment of my Imagination" by Elizabeth McCracken. The book has helped me tremedously.The book is a memoir from Elizabeth and she talks about how her son was stillborn at 41 weeks.I did not want to read it at first, thinking "Why would I want to read about someone losing their baby like I did" but it is a moving story. I could completely relate to her feelings and thoughts and the book is actually really helping me heal.

I am sorry to hear of her loss. She is lucky to have you in her life

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Re : Suggestions...

Postby timelessbeauty » Sat Dec 23, 638311 6:17 pm

My father changed the typical question for me that seemed to make all the difference in the world. It wasn't how are you... but how are you dealing with it today? That little tweak in the question seemed to make the difference to me because it acknowledged that I was still hurting/mourning but showed me he cared to hear it. I think a lot of times I would hear the "how are you" with the hopes I was doing better and not the want for hearing how I was 'actually' doing.

I am sorry to hear of your coworkers loss. To be so close and yet go home with empty arms is devastating. Hugs to you as well as you offer her comfort in a time of many questions.

ann marie
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Postby ann marie » Sat Dec 23, 638311 2:45 pm

Someone I work with unexpectedly lost her son on Saturday. She was 37 weeks and he was born still. What were the things that people did to help you through your loss. Were there any special gifts/remeberances that people gave that you found particularly comforting. I'm struggling with how to show her I care.

Thanks for your tips.

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