6 yrs ago today .... ... always and forever ..

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Re : 6 yrs ago today .... ... always and forever ..

Postby sonja » Mon Dec 11, 638311 7:25 pm

Lots of love to you today.

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6 yrs ago today .... ... always and forever ..

Postby timelessbeauty » Mon Dec 11, 638311 1:59 pm

Six years ago today I gave birth for the second time in my life but it was different in two ways. First, it was a son, and second, he was made an angel before he arrived. My husband made a special request that I bake a cake today in honor of Ben. And while my two youngest really don't understand yet that they have an older brother, my oldest will never let me forget. I may be expecting again but instead of being a mother to four, my daughter reminds me I am the mother of five, forever and always.

Happy Birthday Ben! Love you and Miss you as you are forever in our hearts.

To all the other mothers out there who have had a loss and are hurting, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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