SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby suleaf » Sun Jan 10, 638309 3:50 am

I finally got the strength up to look at it.... it's so beautiful and it made me cry and smile all at once. It's absolutely breathtaking and sad all at once... so many little loved angels.... it kind of hits you, doesn't it, how much this disease takes away when you see it like that? Here's hoping the quilt brings awareness and support....

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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby joker » Thu Dec 31, 638308 2:22 am

The quilt is beautiful!

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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby jacobkaden » Tue Dec 29, 638308 8:45 pm

What a beautiful quilt - a great tribute and a sad reminder of the power of PE....

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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby aundapenner » Tue Dec 29, 638308 12:04 pm

Rosemary and everyone else: This is stunning. Simply stunning. It is amazing to see such craftsmanship while detailing such tragedy. Thank you all so very much for continuing to raise awareness about this horrible horrible disease.


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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby wrennie » Sat Dec 19, 638308 10:42 am

Rosemary, The quilt is just beautiful. Thank you so much for all that you have done, and for including the memory of our baby girl!

Dawn D
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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby Dawn D » Sat Dec 19, 638308 4:49 am


Once again you've done an absolutely beautiful job putting this all together...and amazing work on that cross-stitched PF logo!!
It is so special to be a part of the project -
and to the others of you who sent in squares ... they are so sweet and touching.
Can't wait to see the impression it makes at Saving Grace this weekend!

thanks again

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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Sat Dec 19, 638308 4:46 am

The quilt turned out so beautiful. Everyone did an awesome job. I know our angels are proud of us. (((HUGS)))

for faith
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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby for faith » Sat Dec 19, 638308 4:22 am

Wow beautiful job Rosemary!!!!

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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby heather j » Sat Dec 19, 638308 2:43 am

Wow, it's beautiful. You did a lovely job putting it all together, and all the squares that the rest of you made are beyond touching.

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Re : SG Quilt - PHOTOS!!

Postby mada » Sat Dec 19, 638308 2:40 am

It is amazing Rosemary!!

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