missing my Moe

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Re : missing my Moe

Postby preemomof2 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 09:22 am

MY heart goes out to you all.

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Re : missing my Moe

Postby imemc3 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:02 pm

I am thinking of you today and sending you a big (((hugs))). Our angel will be forever in our thoughts and in our hearts.


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Re : missing my Moe

Postby rosemary » Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:20 pm

Jaymee...I go through the same thing. Kayleigh will turn 20 on the 25th and Elliott's loss date is just four days later. I think it's impossible not to think of what should have been when we hit those milestones. Thinking of you and your precious Moe...and Happy Birthday to Sam...lots of love and hugs!!

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Re : missing my Moe

Postby for faith » Thu Aug 21, 2008 05:57 pm

Jaymee - Happy Birthday Sam! I so deal with it too and my younger son is almost 3 1/2. Some days I have much more peaceful thoughts about my daughter and other days are sorrowful. Many times the sorrowful are on special occasions, one of the last ones that really got to me, was at my older son's 1st communion and seeing all the girls in beautiful dresses and thinking that will never be my daughter :(............thinking of you and wishing you a happy day on your daughter's birthday and big hug as you think of Moe. Take care,

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Re : missing my Moe

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Thu Aug 21, 2008 08:05 am

Oh Jaymee, I am so sorry. I'm sure we'll always think of our angels and wonder how they would look, etc. (((HUGS)))

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Re : missing my Moe

Postby biogal » Thu Aug 21, 2008 00:26 am

Jaymee, I can't provide any advice because I'm in a totally different place in my grief journey, but I just wanted to stop by and give you ((hugs)).

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missing my Moe

Postby jaymee444 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:44 pm

My daughte turns two on thursday. I am quite relieved about that.. However I can't stop thinking f MOe. I miss him and wonder what he would have been like ya know. My heart aches for him and I am sick of crying in secret about it. I swear if i ever write an autobiography it will be called crying in the bathroom,
WHen will I ever adjust to the fact that he will never be again??
WHy does every happy milestone in my daughters life make me miss my son so much more?

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