Suggestions needed

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Re : Suggestions needed

Postby 4evermyangel » Tue May 02, 638299 7:00 am

We are planning a Preeclampsia Awareness Walk for the weekend that would be Emma's first birthday and then closing the event with a balloon release. You could do a Friends and Family walk which is just a walk on a much smaller scale with your closest friends and family.

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Re : Suggestions needed

Postby mom2ella » Tue May 02, 638299 6:55 am

On Ella's first birthday we had a cake and released some balloons for her. I was still in the hospital so we were limited. DH and I each wrote her a note and attached it to the balloons. We didn't get to do much on her angel day this year because Ethan was really sick, so I just spent the day remembering her myself. Wishing you peace on such a hard day!

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Suggestions needed

Postby joker » Tue May 02, 638299 5:58 am

Abby's first birthday/angel day is coming up soon. I really don't know what to do to honor her that day. We had her cremated and have the ashes, so we don't have a grave to visit or decorate or anything like that.

Would you gals be willing to share some of the things you have done to remember your babies on their special day?

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