Grieving for everything right now

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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby froggie89 » Wed Jan 29, 637992 10:13 pm


I'm sorry for all that you're going through right now. How many times I've asked myself the same question - isn't losing a child enough. I know it's tough when you're having to worry about how you're doing physically, the future and cope with a loss all at the same time. It bites. I hope that you will give yourself the time to heal physically and emotionally. I know it's hard to do but you need to give yourself time to heal. We're here for you if you need us. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby onesock » Mon Jan 06, 637992 1:12 pm

Jen, I am thinking of you and wish there was something that I could say to make it all better. Sending you a big hug...

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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby joker » Mon Jan 06, 637992 10:10 am

Thank you all so much. I am so glad this forum exists. It helps me keep my sanity to know that all of you out there really do understand all of my grief, frustrations and fears.

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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby isabella » Sat Dec 14, 637991 3:30 am

I can really tell you that I know what you are going through. Both of my kidneys were not working al all, but just when the doctor was going to start dialysis, my kidneys started working. Just take it one day at a time, and I know it is not easy at all. I lost my baby girl three months ago. The best thing that I can say is that if you need to cry or talk to someone, I am here to listen.

Take Care,


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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby frumiousb » Thu Dec 12, 637991 9:59 pm

Hi Jen,

I hear you. Sometimes I really feel as though I were being asked too much from God or life or whoever.

This will never pass, but it does get better. I'm getting now so that I can consider other options without cursing the world.

We'll see.


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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby melissam » Thu Dec 12, 637991 3:54 am

Jen, the first while really is the hardest. You are trying to figure out exactly what happened, how it could have possibly happened, and what to do with it now that it all has happened.

It really is unfair! We have all been through so much already just losing our babies. It isn't fair that we have to go through even more. My body didn't start getting back to normal until about 4 months after I had my baby. And even then it wasn't really back to full normal. It took nearly a year before I would say that it was normal again.

Take it day by day and moment by moment. We will be here when you need to cry, rant, or whatever else.

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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby belle8600 » Wed Nov 20, 637991 9:55 pm

i am so sorry for your loss. i hope you start to heal physically and emotionally. it takes time and you need to give yourself that time. we are all here for you. HUGS

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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby itsmaya » Wed Nov 20, 637991 1:32 pm

Hang in there!!!! I just went through similar things!! Sick of all the doctor's visits. But good days will be here...Give time for your body and mind to heal. Good luck..

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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby lisainnj » Wed Nov 20, 637991 1:27 pm

I am so sorry you're still struggling with physical problems as well as losing Abigail. For some of us, it's taken a year for things like BP to resolve - but it sure doesn't seem right for you still to be bleeding. I hope that physical healing at least comes soon - you do have enough to deal with already.


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Re : Grieving for everything right now

Postby kris21225 » Wed Nov 20, 637991 1:00 pm

I always try to tell myself that there's some sort of great karmic payoff. Something good has got to happen once you go through something so terrible. I hope that your something good comes soon. And just so you know, every time I had a baby, I was advised not to get pregnant again.

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