do u feel the same?

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heather h
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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby heather h » Mon Dec 04, 637662 11:54 pm

I think anyone who's lost a child feels that way. I know I did and still do even though I just had another baby. I couldnt stand being around any babies or kids or anyone pregnant. I've been told that I shouldnt have anymore now because it's to much of a health risk for me. I am very thankful for my two sons I have.. one in heaven and one here with me, but it's depressing to know I cant have anymore. That's taken away from me.
Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you - I hope that this true miracle will happen for you and everyone else out there that's still trying to concieve.

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby jacobdaniel » Mon Dec 04, 637662 10:15 pm

Sometimes, but I think it's important to appreciate and enjoy babies, in spite of my experience. They can really bring a smile to your face!

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby chrismommy » Wed Oct 18, 637662 12:52 pm

I feel the same way that you ladies do. The hardest for me was after Chris passed away and I would still have to go to the OB/GYN they would try to get me to talk about my baby. They didn't know that we just lost him, I guess they were trying to be nice but it just killed me. I still have a really hard time listoning to other mothers complain that they are tired and just want a break. I would trade them places in a heartbeat. I would give anything to have my son with me right now.

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby atanya » Tue Sep 12, 637662 1:20 pm

I feel the same way! The worst was walking back into my OBGYN's office after we lost Alexis. That about KILLED ME. Seeing all of the newborns and the expected mothers. I had to go in there all the time for cancer issues and it made it that much worse. After we got pregnant with Dylan it was still very very hard for me, especially when you heard e.m. acting like there was nothing to worry about.

Hang in there!

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby froggie89 » Sun Sep 03, 637662 7:11 am

I feel sad, depressed, jealous, angry, when I hear others talk about their kids. I feel like I'm on the outside looking in and there is no door to get into where they are. It just bites. [:(]

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby hmoore » Sun Sep 03, 637662 3:55 am

I feel the same way all the time to. It is so hard when I do lunch with my friends because I am the only one sitting there without a child. I sit back and look at them so happy and I envy them. I day dream of what Conner would have been like if he was here.

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby melissam » Sat Sep 02, 637662 10:51 pm

This is the hardest club to be a member of. Hang in there.

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby fnaz » Sat Sep 02, 637662 4:57 pm

all my friends and family members and my dh's friends and family members have kids...and i love them all too and wish they have more:)...
but whenver they get together..i feel like i am an alien:(
i know you can undetstand what i am trying to say..
and you are not getting me wrong.

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby mrs.magdaleno » Sat Sep 02, 637662 2:45 pm

I'm right there with all of you. I try to talk about my pregnancy experience before I lost Jake but sometimes I feel like I am a downer to everyone. I just want to share the only memories I have of my little guy:(

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Re : do u feel the same?

Postby keneke68 » Sat Sep 02, 637662 9:25 am

Oh yes all the time!!!!!!!

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