Two years ago today...

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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby lucy » Mon Jul 01, 637652 1:33 pm

Happy birthday Ila, sending many hugs to you also Tracey.

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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby mom2tori » Mon Jul 01, 637652 11:13 am

Sending many hugs and comforting thoughts your way Tracey.

Happy Birthday Ila

miranda childers
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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby miranda childers » Mon Jul 01, 637652 2:33 am

Happy Birthday Ila!

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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby timelessbeauty » Mon Jul 01, 637652 2:14 am

Happy Birthday, you are remembered with love!

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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby melissam » Mon Jul 01, 637652 2:11 am

Happy Birthday little one. Sending you Many Many hugs Tracey.

mikeys mom
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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby mikeys mom » Mon Jul 01, 637652 2:07 am

Happy Birthday Ila!

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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby hmoore » Mon Jul 01, 637652 12:28 am

Happy Birthday Ila!!!!

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Re : Two years ago today...

Postby lorelei » Sun Jun 30, 637652 9:30 pm

Happy Birthday Ila. You are so loved.


Thinking of you and your family during this time as you remember Ila.

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Two years ago today...

Postby tracey » Sun Jun 30, 637652 9:21 pm

my terrible journey with preeclampsia began. It was this day in 2004, that I was admitted to the hospital, after a visit to my midwives due to sudden swelling and an intermittent pain in my chest. I spent two nights in that hospital, before I was transferred to the Level III hospital, where I would deliver my sweet and still daughter, Ila. For two days, I lived in ignorance, but fearing the effects of the blood pressure medication they were giving me on my baby. Little did I know that should have been the least of my concerns. When the doctor at this first hospital was preparing me for my transfer, he told me that his gut instinct was that I would make it to 34 weeks. I had no real concept of how much danger we both were in. It was about an hour later, when I arrived by ambulance at the second hospital and they whisked me in for an ultrasound, that I learned the horrible truth. The ultrasound technician cried as she told me my precious baby was measuring 4 weeks behind, and was showing signs of distress. I could not at all comprehend what she was saying. My world was crashing down.
I was put on magnesium sulfate and induced late that evening, as they were very reluctant to do a c-section as my platelet levels, which were already low, were continuing to drop. (I was later told, after an emergency D&C of the placenta, that had they attempted a c-section, I likely would not have made it, as my levels dropped too drastically, too quickly).
It was at 6:05 am Friday February 6, 2004, that my darling Ila was born silent, asleep.
Thirteen months later I delivered her little sister, Lily, healthy and at full term. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given this opportunity to be Mother to both of my girls, but oh, how I long to also hold the one that I cannot.

Remembering you with so much love as we approach your second birthday, Ila.

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