Introduce myself with some questions

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Introduce myself with some questions

Postby stjamesb » Wed Jun 09, 637047 4:09 pm

I am so glad I found this forum.
I developed severe HELLP last fall. I was diagnosed the day before my son was due so I was induced. My son is now a happy, healthy 14 months old and I thank God every day for that.
I was very sick, I stayed in the intensive care for 10 days and moved off to the high risk unit for another 5 days before I was discharged home.

My husband and I are talking about a second. We went to see the peri that looked after me last time I was sick. He quoted 25% risk of recurrent. He stressed that I was very very sick last time. One of my blood tests indicated that I have MTHFR mutation. There are no other illness (that I know of)

We are trying to gather as much info as we could and do a lot of soul searching to decide whether or not we would want to risk a second. One of the things that I have been wondering about is has any one heard of mixed race child may cause an increase risk for HELLP. I am Asian and my husband is Caucasian, and we wonder ...

Thank you so much for being here. After seeing the peri I was a bit depressed. I am so scare.

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