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Re: Exhausted...

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 641147 3:26 pm
by eleni
Adding to that, I would also see if your doctor can put you on reduced activity (aka, reduce your stress at work), not because it by itself will prevent preeclampsia but the stress could be contributing to your BP going all over the place, making it harder to get an accurate reading.

Re: Exhausted...

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 641145 1:58 pm
by alviarin
Welcome to the forums. I'm so sorry to hear that you are hurting.

So they think the cyst is the source of your pain? I know from experience round ligament pain can be quite painful, I went to the ER vomiting from pain around 20 weeks and it turned out to be ligament pain (and I have a high tolerance for pain due to migraines). However they checked me out very carefully because that same night a pregnant lady same gestation turned up in the ER with appendicitis. I did get better with rest though.

Are you seeing a MFM? If not you could always ask for a referral to get a second opinion, since you are high risk due to your history and your pressures,and possible upcoming surgery. I understand your concern about blood pressure meds, my docs didn't want me on blood pressure meds until my pressures were consistently high. Also severe pain can slightly up blood pressure.

Also has anyone brought up getting a 24 hour urine test as a baseline to compare to later?


Posted: Tue May 22, 641145 8:35 am
by destiny.bohr
Age 19: Preeclampsia/HELLP 28 week delivery
Age 22: Preeclampsia then eclampsia because I was holding on as long as I could 30 week Delivery
Age 25: Pregnant again- 20 weeks- Absolutely the worst pregnancy I have had so far. Blood pressure all over the place. Lower abdominal pain.

Anyways- I have kept complaining of lower pelvic pain to my doctor since 10 weeks and she has told me repeatedly its nothing it probably growing pains or round ligament pains. It has turned into excruciating pain. Doctor advised that she couldn't do anything because she wasn't going to go look for a problem and pretty much no surgeon was just going to open me up for no reason. She decided that it was probably adhesion pulling as my uterus grew. She put me on pain medication and ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound shows a large cyst.

Now there is a possibility of a surgery but I'm not sure thats what I want to do since I'm farther along. Because of early severe preeclampsia twice its a HIGH possibility of it happening again. I'm afraid to have the surgery and then a few weeks later have to have a c section and not be done healing.

She also wants to start me on blood pressure medication but I'm afraid of that too because my blood pressure has been so fluctuated- ill go from 148/96 to a couple hours later 106/58, the fluctuation is making me exhausted. I pretty much want to lay around all the time and have no energy. I'm still working a high stress full time job but on my days off all I can do is sleep. It's definitely putting a burden on my relationship. And I'm ALWAYS in pain on a scale of 1-10 I'm from a 5-9 depending on how much I have been doing. I just don't know what to do I'm tired of people telling me it's just part of being pregnant... Obviously this is something more.