BP going up and then calms

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Re: BP going up and then calms

Postby alviarin » Fri Feb 10, 2017 05:59 pm

When my blood pressure starting jumping around during my second pregnancy, my MFM told me I was either headed for preeclampsia again, headed for chronic hypertension later in life, or both. However it was several weeks of higher readings before I started having proteinuria and wound up diagnosed with pre-e.

Has your doctor given you any guidelines or cutoffs on what symptoms or pressures to call in or when you should head straight to L&D to monitoring? You could always call the doctor and ask for advice, there is a chance they might want to move your appoinment up sooner.

How often are your appointments now?
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BP going up and then calms

Postby shydee » Tue Feb 07, 2017 01:57 am

This is my third pregnancy. Both of my children were born prematurely (29 and 34 weeks) because of pre-e and HELLP. Right now I am 27 weeks and for the past week my blood pressure has been going up to about 150/90 and then calms back to around 130/80 and sometimes lower. This is for many hours or even a solid day or two so it is concerning me. I have an OB appointment on Wednesday, but I'm worried that if my blood pressure looks fine at the appt that these spikes will get overlooked. I'm honestly not sure if this is the start of pre-e again or something less worrisome. Any advice would be appreciated.
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